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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Slavik...Kemmler

Slavik...Kemmler was a German project by Andi Slavik and Susanne Kemmler . Their album debut called Close to Heaven (1994), contains the theme : Indian Spirits their greatest success, was the main trailer of a large advertising campaign of C & A and placed in a very short time near the top in the German single charts.Close to Heaven is an album with female vocals (by Susanne), Ethnic rythms, pop music and have that style of 90's. Show a similitude with other artist projects as: Enigma,Miriam Stockley,B-tribe and Sacred Spirit.

Artist Tags For Slavik...Kemmler

1) New Age 2) Chillout 3) Electronic 4) Ambient 5) Female Vocalists

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Slavik...Kemmler

1) Can you heal me? 2) Indian Spirits 3) Close To Heaven 4) Escape 5) Summer of Love 6) Indian Spirits Reprise 7) Will I be faithful? 8) Wrong or Right 9) Can You Heal Me 10) Believe in your Dreams 11) Jonas' Song 12) Indiana spirits 13) Indiana Spirits Reprise 14) Believe In Your Dreams! 15) Will I Be Faithful 16) Close To Heaven (radio edit) 17) Indian Spirits (Radio-Mix) 18) Close To Heaven (smooth edit) 19) Indian Spirit's Reprise 20) Indian Spirits (Smooth Edit) 21) Indian Spirits (C&A Cut) 22) Indian Spirit's 23) Indian Spirits (Enlightenment) 24) Close To Heaven (Extended Version) 25) Will I Be Faithfull? 26) Jonas Song 27) Indian Spirits - Slavik & Kemmler 28) Geister der Nacht 29) Will I Be Faithful? (Radio Edit) 30) Will I Be Faithful? (Heaven Cut) 31) Close To Heaven (enlightenment 32) Close To Heaven (extended vers 33) Frei Sein 34) Can you heal me ? 35) Will I Be Faithful? (Forever Mix) 36) Traveler (Kid Locos Mix) 37) Indian Spirits (Ext. Dance Ver 38) Close To Heaven (enlightenment) 39) Was wird aus den Kindern unserer Zeit? (karaoke version) 40) Cfn you heal me? 41) Alles wird wieder gut 42) Frei Sein (karaoke) 43) Indian Spirits (Ext. Dance Version) 44) Was wird aus den Kindern unserer Zeit? 45) Willi be faithful 46) Will I be faithfull 47) Will I Be Faithful? [Radio Edit] 48) Close to Heaven [Extended Version] 49) Close to Heaven [Radio Mix] 50) Close to Heaven [Enlightenment]

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