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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Sith

Sith was born in 2007. The only thing we know at the moment is that .Holly. (Späke) has joined him onstage. They don't tell us anymore about the mysterious Sith. Sith doesn't know what he did before, or what he will be doing tomorrow. Sith only exists for today. "Impulsive" would be the word to best describe this artist. SITH's universe is dark-symphonic and electro metal. Both tortured and melancholic, he brings us to a black dream-world and presents us with his most secret madness.

Artist Tags For Sith

1) Industrial 2) Industrial Metal 3) Industrial Rock 4) Electro 5) Ebm

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Sith

1) SIN 2) The Night Of Fallen Angels 3) Bring You To Hell 4) God Hates You 5) Memories 6) Fuck Your Love 7) Like You 8) Love You To Death 9) EAT (feat. Benoit 16 from TAMTRUM) 10) Kill Me 11) Lost 12) Master 13) No One 14) Master (feat. ELENI) 15) Destroy you (Feat. VX from Punish Yourself) 16) Dead Inside - Breath (Bonus Song) 17) Dead Inside 18) Breath 19) Eat 20) Help Me 21) Destroy you 22) Destroy You (feat. VX69 from PUNISH YOURSELF) 23) Eat (feat. Tamtrum) 24) Beautiful Chance 25) Destroy You (feat. Punish Yourself) 26) GIVE ALL 27) A Sunset Song 28) INC 29) Blood on the Nail 30) Snuff Maschinery Club version 31) Serial Masochist 32) NEPONYAT 33) Dead Inside - Breath 34) CHINATOWN 35) Help me (inédit) 36) Preventative Measures 37) Summer Trip 38) танец (prod. VSN7) 39) The Night Of Fallen Angels [Industrial 2009] 40) Fuck Your Love [Explicit] 41) Anxious 42) Не твой 43) This Morning 44) Young Again 45) 2_3_Lord Of The Weed Soundtrack (10) - Shadows In The Dark - Snuff Machinery 46) Muzik 47) Intro 48) Kill Me [Industrial 2009] 49) старпорт 50) F**k Your Love

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