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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Simi

A few months ago, she was the talk of the town after releasing her EP, Restless, a cover of some popular foreign songs. Many wondered, who’s that young woman? For others who knew who she was, it was a pleasant surprise to see a Nigerian singer give the cover of a foreign song an authentic Nigerian feel. That young woman with such uncanny creative talent and versatility is no other than Simisola Ogunleye, a.k.a Simi. Simi, a mass communications graduate, is no stranger to the Nigerian music industry.

Artist Tags For Simi

1) Pop 2) Nigeria 3) Rnb 4) Breakcore 5) Electronic

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Simi

1) Lullaby 2) Mind Your Business 3) Joromi 4) O Wa N'bę 5) Ayo 6) Errore Di Sistema (Original Mix) 7) I Dun Care 8) Gone For Good 9) Lovin' 10) Smile For Me 11) Remind Me 12) Love Don't Care 13) Complete Me 14) Aimasiko 15) Take Me Back 16) Undernaples 17) One Kain 18) Sugar 19) Original Baby 20) By You 21) Jamb Question 22) Hiphop Hurray 23) Jericho 24) Angelina 25) Original Baby - Remix 26) megapotman (goreshit remix) 27) Selense 28) Stars in Our Eyes 29) Smile For Me - Sigag Lauren Remix 30) Tiff 31) Immortal 32) Love Don't Care (Bonus Track) 33) Erste Begegnung 34) Tiff (Bonus Track) 35) Jamb Question (Bonus Track) 36) Charlie 37) Love On Me 38) Undernaples (Original Mix) 39) Bugs 40) R1 (Original Mix) 41) Errore di Sistema - Original Mix 42) Please 43) The Artist 44) Move On 45) Hide And Seek 46) I wanna be w krainie snuff 47) Ara Ile 48) Fade Away 49) My Buddy 50) Cheer Up

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