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Shane Dawson

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson (born 19 July, 1988 as Shane Lee Yaw) is a YouTube comedian currently residing in Los Angeles, USA. Shane is known for making comedy videos featuring many recurring characters (such as Shanaynay, Ned the Nerd, S. Deezy, and Aunt Hilda), impersonations (such as Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin), and spoofs of popular music videos such as Telephone Dudes Version (Ned the Nerd) and Last Sunday Night (Aunt Hilda). As of November 1, 2010 his main YouTube channel is the third most subscribed channel of all time behind Nigahiga

Artist Tags For Shane Dawson

1) Youtube 2) Comedian 3) Comedy 4) Pop 5) Funny

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Shane Dawson

1) Superluv 2) S-Deezy 'n' Friends Phone Rap 3) Paris: Your Phone Is Ringing 4) The Vacation Song 5) You Didn't Glow Up 6) Girlish Body 7) F**K Up 8) Maybe This Christmas 9) This Christmas Life 10) Bad Bromance 11) Shane: You Should Answer That 12) FInal Sara Mix 13) Douchebag 14) Last Sunday Night 15) S-Deezy 'n' Friends Phone Rap Pt. 2 16) Shanaynay: U Got A Girlfriend? 17) Paris: Your Phone Is Ringing Pt.3 18) The Game 19) I Am Everything 20) Shane Dawson 21) S-Deezy 'n' Friends Phone Rap Pt. 1 22) Aunt Hilda: Uh Oh, Booty Call! 23) Bad (Bro)mance 24) Paris: Your Phone Is Ringing Pt.2 25) Telephone 26) Don't Trust Me 27) Paris: Your Phone Is Ringing Pt.1 28) WHOSE SHANANAY? 29) Don't Trust Me (Sarah Palin Remix) 30) Mom's Basement 31) Paris ET 32) Ned the Nerd: Your Mom Left Her Thong In My Room 33) The One That Turned You Gay 34) Ned the Nerd: Don't Tell Your BF About My 6-Pack 35) You Didn't Glow Up (feat. Ryland Adams) 36) Telephone ( lady gaga spoof) 37) Blah Blah Blah 38) NEVER BREAK UP WITH TAYLOR SWIFT! 39) Aunt Hilda: Your Ex BF Is A Drunken Mistake 40) Douche Bag #1 41) Aunt Hilda: Your Ex GF Smells Like Cat Pee 42) Birthday PARODY 43) Harry Potter's Over 44) Don't Trust Me (Sarah Palin) 45) Super Love 46) Aunt Hilda: Your Boss Is Calling 47) I Knew You Were Trouble - Spoof (feat. Wendy McColm) 48) Liza Koshy Did the Same Thing as Logan, But She Didn't get Hate 49) Birthday Spoof 50) Taylor Swift Revenge Rap

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