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Seed of 6ix is a Memphis, Tennessee rap group composed of Locodunit (Thomas Dunigan) and Lil Infamous (Ricky Dunigan, Jr.), who are the nephews of the co-founder of hip hop group Three 6 Mafia, DJ Paul (Paul Beauregard). Lil Infamous is also the son of former co-founder Lord Infamous (Ricky Dunigan). Locodunit and Lil Infamous started the group in late 2014 and released their debut album Faces of Gospel on February 6, 2015. The album is available on various digital platforms. Their style is widely considered as horrorcore, crunk and gangsta rap. The group began in 2014 in Memphis, Tennessee with Lil Infamous (Ricky Dunigan, Jr.) and Locodunit (Thomas Dunigan) for the sake of rapper DJ Paul. Seed of 6ix released several Mixtapes & EPs starting with Planet 6ix Chpt 3.6 on May 1, 2015. As well as solo projects on Young N Dumb, their independent label. Signed to Scale-A-Ton Entertainment DJ Paul’s label in 2018. DJ Paul is responsible for bringing a fault into the reckoning against the group's musical career and has since produced numerous singles and the last work for the group was released the first album Faces of Gospel (2015). The name comes from hip hop group Three 6 Mafia (The Seed of 6ix).

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