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Savage Garden

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Savage Garden

From Woodridge, Australia to worldwide success, Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones were responsible for some of the most widely-known pop songs of the late '90s and early '00s. Appropriately enough, given their Anne Rice-inspired name, Savage Garden veered between lush ballads (Truly Madly Deeply, I Knew I Loved You) and up-tempo dance numbers (I Want You, The Animal Song) with a deftness that put many of their contemporaries in the shade. In July of 1996, under Roadshow Music, the duo released their debut single I Want You.

Artist Tags For Savage Garden

1) Pop 2) 90s 3) Australian 4) Rock 5) Alternative

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Savage Garden

1) Truly Madly Deeply 2) I Want You 3) I Knew I Loved You 4) To the Moon & Back 5) Crash and Burn 6) Break Me Shake Me 7) Affirmation 8) To the Moon and Back 9) The Animal Song 10) Tears of Pearls 11) Hold Me 12) Santa Monica 13) Two Beds and a Coffee Machine 14) Carry on Dancing 15) A Thousand Words 16) Universe 17) Violet 18) Promises 19) The Best Thing 20) Chained to You 21) The Lover After Me 22) I Don't Know You Anymore 23) You Can Still Be Free 24) Gunning Down Romance 25) I Want You (Xenomania Funky Mix) 26) Truly, Madly, Deeply 27) This Side Of Me 28) Fire Inside The Man 29) I Want You (Sash Extended Mix) 30) Love Can Move You 31) I'll Bet He Was Cool 32) I Want You (Sharp Miami Mix) 33) I Don't Care 34) All Around Me 35) So Beautiful 36) Cherry Cola 37) Mine 38) Crash & Burn 39) Memories Are Designed to Fade 40) Truly, Madly, Deeply [1998] 41) California 42) Last Christmas 43) I Want You [1997] 44) I Wanna Stand With You 45) This Side Of Me (B-Side) 46) I Dont Know You Anymore 47) I Knew I Loved You (Live) 48) animal song 49) Truly Madly Deeply (Night Radio Mix) 50) Break Me Shake Me (Broken Mix)

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