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Rosette Luve is a Canadian pop, R&B, house singer, songwriter, actor and dancer.When Rosette was growing up as a child, her dreams of being on the stage was nothing out of the ordinary. When she had found her voice, she was selected from over one hundred thousand contestants to be featured and star on the Canadian hit show, 'PopStars - The One'. Even though Rosette did not win the competition, her music career soared to new heights like no other. Soon after she released 4 singles (Delirious, One Wish, Crushed and UhOh), 2 of which topped the charts at number one nationally. Crushed reached No. 1 on the Canadian Radio Charts for 3 weeks, which beat out a huge major artist on Vancouver's The Beat 94.5 for the 'Battle of the Beats'. Crushed was the No. 1 CanCon Single for the Top 40 Charts for four weeks. UhOh reached the Top 10 on the Canadian Radio Charts and both videos for Crushed an UhOh had heavy rotation on MuchMusic, Much More Music, and Punch Much. Rosette was nominated for a Juno in 2008 and won a CMA (Canadian Music Award) for "Best New Pop Artist of the Year - 2007" She is not afraid to compete with the best that America has to offer and is currently taking over the ranks for Canadian Talent on the International Stage. Rosette had shared the stage with some of the biggest stars to date such as Rihanna, Akon and many more, all over Canada. Working hard to bring her fans new music, Rosette has been collaborating with some of the music industries most affluent individuals such as Timbaland, DJ / Producer Ian Carey, and Sunlovers to create her new repertoire. Her newest single and video 'Ditzy Girl' caused a lot of controversy, but Rosette says that she is one to never shy away from speaking her mind. Her new song 'Fire' just got picked up by Universal Canada and has been playing all across Canada and now on the international level. Without missing a beat, she travels from Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York and Miami working on her next biggest hit. When Rosette is not in the studio, she can be found on films sets or learning how to dance like the late great Michael Jackson or hanging out with some great friends. "I am a huge believer in being positive with life and loving every moment of it, and if I can make people feel great with my music, I have done my job" says Rosette Luve.

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