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Ron Imhoff

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Ron Imhoff

Ron Imhoff is a multi-instrumentalist and was born in Miami Florida. He began playing guitar at age 13 and began writing and recording at 18 years of age in Miami. Early recordings included progressive instrumental rock. Influences range from classic rock artists such as Pink Floyd, Rush and others to current artists in various genres including techno, metal, and jazz. In the late 80's the basic tracks that would later become "Progressive Elements" were recorded using a multi-track recorder.

Artist Tags For Ron Imhoff

1) Chillout 2) New Age 3) Ambient 4) Instrumental 5) Beauty And Sadness

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Ron Imhoff

1) Elektromuze Unity 2) Elektromuze Rebirth 3) Elektromuze Target World 4) Elektromuze Infiltration 5) Elektromuze Arrival 6) Elektromuze Metamorphosis 7) Elektromuze Conquest 8) Elektromuze Indoctrination 9) Inner Peace 10) Above the Clouds 11) Chemistry 12) To Search Within 13) Amazon 14) Moonlight Groove 15) Winds of Time 16) Eastern Influence 17) Northern Lights 18) Dawn of a New Age 19) Digital Rift 20) Solitude 21) Dance of the Whales 22) Presence 23) Lost Within 24) Take Flight 25) Interlude 26) Forest Lullaby 27) Midnight Rain 28) River of Dreams 29) Awakening 30) Slight of Hand 31) Waiting For You 32) Around Your Heart 33) Paradise 34) Lonesome Wind 35) Sunset Blues 36) Peace of Mind 37) Faces of Thunder 38) Spring Breeze 39) Moonlight Serenade 40) Enchanted 41) Brilliant Life 42) Beach Party 43) Adrift 44) Dawn's New Light 45) Starlit Night 46) Riptide 47) Crystal Sanctuary 48) Dreams in Hyperdrive 49) Emergence of Euterpe 50) Wings Of Sound

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