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Robert Pete Williams

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Robert Pete Williams

Robert Pete Williams (March 14, 1914 – December 31, 1980) was an American blues musician, based in Louisiana. His music characteristically employs unconventional blues tunings and structures, and his songs are often about the time he served in prison. His song "I've Grown So Ugly" was covered by Captain Beefheart, on his album Safe as Milk (1967), whose version was later covered by The Black Keys, on Rubber Factory (2004). Williams was born in Zachary

Artist Tags For Robert Pete Williams

1) Blues 2) Delta Blues 3) Acoustic Blues 4) Louisiana Blues 5) All

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Robert Pete Williams

1) I've Grown So Ugly 2) Goodbye Slim Harpo 3) Two Wings 4) A Thousand Miles from Nowhere 5) Almost Dead Blues 6) Graveyard Blues 7) Rolling Stone 8) Death Blues 9) Pardon Denied Again 10) You Used To Be A Sweet Cover Shaker 11) Hobo Worried Blues 12) Thumbing a Ride 13) This Wild Old Life 14) Texas Blues 15) So Much Is Happenin' in This Wicked World 16) Tombstone Blues 17) Midnight Boogie 18) Hay Cutting Song 19) Levee Camp Blues 20) Louise 21) Free Again 22) Church On Fire With The Word of God 23) Dyin' Soul 24) Freight Train Blues 25) Freed Again 26) Matchbox Blues 27) Motherless Children Have a Hard Time 28) So Much Is Happenin' In The News 29) I'm Goin' Back With Him When He Comes 30) Prisoner's Talking Blues 31) I'm Blue as a Man Can Be 32) Just Tippin' In 33) You're My All Day Steady And My Midnight Dream 34) Come Here Baby 35) Railroad Blues 36) Got Me Way Down Here 37) Up and Down Blues 38) Angola Penitentiary Blues 39) Come Here, Sit Down On My Knee 40) Angola Special 41) Late Night Boogie 42) You Used To Be A Sweet Cover Shaker But You Ain't No More 43) Farm Blues 44) Church on Fire (No. 2) 45) When I Lay My Burden Down 46) You're My All Night Steady 47) Sweep My Floor 48) Please Lord, Help Me on My Way 49) I'm Lonesome Blues 50) Some Got Six Months

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