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Rick Shaffer

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Rick Shaffer

●Rick Shaffer is a founding member of the Philadelphia band, The Reds©, whose first album on A&M, self entitled THE REDS, was produced by David Kershenbaum. It highlighted the band's impressive sound — a blend of Rick Shaffer's guitar and Bruce Cohen's keyboards into an interestingly textured drone, short guitar and keyboard figures, rising then disappearing back into the drone, while Shaffer's voice provides the punch and definition for their overall sound.

Artist Tags For Rick Shaffer

1) Alternative 2) Indie Rock 3) Stoner Rock 4) Low-Fi 5) Blues-Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Rick Shaffer

1) Buy And Sell 2) No Big Thing 3) Necessary Illusion 4) Gonna Shout 5) Crime Of Love 6) Shadow Line 7) Cruel World 8) Nobody Home 9) Breakin' Down 10) Gettin' Deeper 11) Tight Like That 12) The Stranger 13) One More Heartache 14) Remember 15) Ain't Easy 16) Lucky Day 17) Two Weeks 18) Idiot Flats 19) Can't Go On 20) Cool Treatment 21) Got To Go 22) No Other Way 23) Burnin' Hell 24) Getting Low 25) Unforgiven Man 26) Dangerous Dance 27) Wait And See 28) Time Or Love 29) I Won't Deny 30) Shake And Shudder 31) Found My Love 32) Around The Bend 33) Pushing Me 34) Reaction 35) Talking About You 36) Open Your Eyes 37) Shakin' Hips 38) Why Do You 39) Nameless Things 40) Hard To Tell 41) Dark Age Of Camelot: A Musical Journey Through The Realms Of Hibernia, Midgard And Albion - Main Title (2:45) 42) Main Title 43) So Tired 44) Some Say 45) Hellbound Trip 46) Killer Time 47) Moldy Old World (Vampire:Masquerade-Bloodlines) 48) Asp Hole 49) NecessaryIllusion 50) It's True

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