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Richard Wagner

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Richard Wagner

Wilhelm Richard Wagner (22 May 1813 – 13 February 1883) was a German composer, theatre director, polemicist, and conductor who is chiefly known for his operas (or, as some of his later works were later known, "music dramas"). Unlike most opera composers, Wagner wrote both the libretto and the music for each of his stage works. Initially establishing his reputation as a composer of works in the romantic vein of Carl Maria von Weber and Giacomo Meyerbeer

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1) Classical 2) Opera 3) Romantic 4) German 5) Composers

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Richard Wagner

1) Ride of the Valkyries 2) The Ride of the Valkyries 3) Wesendonk Lieder: Schmerzen 4) The Flying Dutchman 5) Siegfried Idyll 6) Die Walkure, Act III: Ride of the Valkyries 7) Die Walkure: Ride of the Valkyries 8) Tannhäuser: Overture 9) Prelude 10) Lohengrin Prelude To Act III 11) Die Walkure - Ride of the Valkyries (as heard in Apocalypse Now) 12) Overture 13) Rienzi 14) Der fliegende Hollander: Overture 15) Wagner: Das Liebesverbot: Verweiler hier, hier muss er kommen! 16) Die Walkure - Ride of the Valkyries 17) Die Walküre (The Valkyrie), WWV 86b, Act 3: Ride of the Valkyries 18) Lohengrin 19) Parsifal: Prelude 20) Das Rheingold: Einzug der Götter in Walhall 21) Entry Of The Gods Into Valhalla 22) Siegfried's Death and Funeral March 23) Vorspiel 24) Tannhauser Overture 25) Act III 26) Act I 27) Tristan Und Isolde : Prelude To Act I / Isolde's Liebestod 28) Gotterdammerung, Act III: Siegfried's Funeral March 29) Wagner: Tannhäuser, WWV 70: Overture (Andante maestoso - Allegro) 30) Ouverture 31) O Fortuna (Excalibur theme) 32) Die Walküre, WWV 86B - Concert version / Dritter Aufzug: The Ride of the Valkyres 33) Die Walküre: Ride of the Valkyries 34) Wagner: Das Rheingold: Dem Haupt fugt - Alberich 35) The Ride of the Valkyries (Die Walkure) 36) Das Rheingold: Vorspiel 37) Das Rheingold: Prelude 38) Walhall aus dem Ring des Nibelungen, S. 449 39) Act III Scene 2: Weh', nun is all' unser Gluck dahin! (Lohengrin, Elsa) 40) Bridal Chorus 41) Tannhäuser, WWV 70: Overture 42) Prelude to Tristan and Isolde 43) Die Walkure - Ride of the Valkyries (as heard on Apocalypse Now) 44) Liebestod 45) Evening Star (Wagner) 46) The Valkyrie: Ride of the Valkyries 47) Du bist der Lenz 48) Apocalypse Now 49) Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla 50) The Flying Dutchman: Overture

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Richard Wagner

1) The Royal Philharmonic Collection 2) The Last Night Of The Proms with BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sir Colin Davis 3) Great Overtures 4) WAGNER, R.: Der Ring (Orchestral Highlights) 5) Wagner, R.: Orchestral Music From Operas 6) WAGNER, R. (THE BEST OF) 7) WAGNER, R.: Overtures and Preludes (Muck) (1927-1929) 8) Wagner: Gotterdammerung 9) Those Fabulous Hollywood Marches 10) Das Liebesverbot 11) Das Rheingold 12) Wagner: Overtures And Preludes From The Operas 13) Wagner: Tristan und Isolde 14) Classical Music In Movies 15) Wagner: Overtures / Siegfried Idyll 16) Wagner: Parsifal 17) Tannhauser 18) Wagner, R.: Tannhauser (Bayreuth Festival) (1930) 19) Der Ring der Nibelungen 20) (null) 21) Lohengrin 22) Opera Explained: WAGNER, R. - The Flying Dutchman (Timson) 23) Wagner - Dudamel 24) Tristan und Isolde 25) 99 Must-Have Halloween Classics 26) Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen 27) This Is Classical - the Universe's Best Easy Listening Album of All Time 28) Star Trek Classical Themes 29) Richard Wagner: Orchestral Highlights From Operas 30) Classical Classics 31) Wagner: Orchestral Favourites 32) Wagner: Der Ring Des Nibelungen (Orchestral Excerpts) 33) WAGNER: Lohengrin (Windgassen, Steber, Keilberth) (1953) 34) WAGNER: Overtures (Furtwangler, Commercial Recordings 1940-1950, Vol. 4) 35) WAGNER, R.: Die Walküre (Traubel, Melchior) (1941) 36) Wagner, R.: Der Fliegende Hollander 37) 150 Classical Masterpieces 38) WAGNER, R.: Orchestral Highlights from Operas 39) Bleeding Chunks of Wagner 40) Wagner, R.: Scenes From Tristan Und Isolde and Gotterdammerung 41) Wagner: Die Walküre 42) Ride of the Valkyries - The Greatest Classical Overtures 43) Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen, Orchestermusik 44) A Masterpiece Collection 45) Der Ring des Nibelungen 46) The 50 Most Essential Wagner Masterpieces 47) Wagner: Tannhäuser 48) Classical For The New Age 49) WAGNER, R.: Tristan und Isolde 50) A Calendar Of Classics - A 12 CD Set Of Romantic Classics For Every Month Of The Year

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Richard Wagner