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Process Of Guilt

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Process Of Guilt

Having perfected their distinctive and inimitable musical expression along a path that spans their 10-year long career, Process of Guilt are today one of the main driving forces on the Portuguese underground. Delivering massively heavy riffs on top of a punishingly precise, quasi-industrial, rhythm section, the band possesses a unique intensity that attracts listeners from a broad spectrum of music genres. Vastly experienced when it comes to playing live – having even shared the stage with bands like Godflesh

Artist Tags For Process Of Guilt

1) Doom Metal 2) Death Doom Metal 3) Portuguese 4) Doom Death Metal 5) Death-Doom Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Process Of Guilt

1) Becoming Light 2) Motionless 3) Waves (The Circle Part II) 4) Lava (The Circle Part IV) 5) Dust (The Circle Part I) 6) Fragments 7) The Circle (Erosion Part I) 8) Corrosion (The Circle Part III) 9) Empire 10) Harvest 11) Abandon (The Circle Part V) 12) Window 13) Falling 14) Blindfold 15) Cleanse 16) Crawl 17) Burden 18) Fæmin 19) (No) Shelter 20) Liar: Movement I (feat. Kernal) 21) Wasteland 22) Drops 23) This Process 24) Feral Ground 25) Monument 26) Faded Pictures 27) Servant 28) Black Earth 29) Hoax 30) Settled Down 31) Intro / Dark Patterns 32) Dream Rise 33) Departure 34) Liar: Movement I 35) Dust 36) Liar: Movement II 37) Waves 38) Corrosion 39) Liar: Movement III 40) Lava 41) The Circle (Erosion Part II) 42) The Circle (Erosion Part III) 43) The Circle 44) Liar: Movement II (feat. Kernal) 45) The Circle (Erosion Part IV) 46) The Circle (Erosion Part V) 47) Abandon 48) IX 49) Liar: Movement III (feat. Kernal) 50) The Circle (Erosion Part VI)

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