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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Polyfuse

POLYFUSE is the creative outlet of musician and sound designer Justin McGrath. The spread of music genres under this alias are quite wide and range from the evocative long-form dark ambient piece "One Quiet Moment" to modern Industrial Dance to the jagged, broken-glass-to-your-throat analog Acid of the No One Will Come To Save Us album, and a large catalogue of film-score style pieces. Together with Surachai he runs the Trash_Audio blog and the shade:red record label.

Artist Tags For Polyfuse

1) Electronic 2) Industrial 3) Experimental 4) Ambient 5) Idm

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Polyfuse

1) Dagger Hero 2) In The End 3) We Will Make Sure You Disappear (Unreleased) 4) Incendiary Device 5) We Will Make Sure You Disappear (Lucidstatic Mix) 6) The Outpost : Setup 7) Blood On The Urinal 8) Normal Autorotation 9) Move 10) Anticollision 11) one 12) Falling Failing Flying Dying 13) One Quiet Moment 14) Thrust Rush 15) Handover 16) Two 17) Drive 18) four 19) On Your Way Down 20) Six 21) Feel Awful 22) Five 23) Three 24) Eight 25) nine 26) The Build Up 27) Seven 28) Project XXX 29) Done Undone 30) Eleven 31) We Will Die Here Tonight 32) Air 33) We Will Make Sure You Disappear 34) Test Pattern : Rest 35) Lost While Far Away 36) Late 37) The Last Thing You Said Was Fall 38) Never Repeat These Words 39) Break 40) Your Last Chance 41) A Heavy Fog and The Descent 42) Held Down With Thought 43) Ten 44) 10_ten 45) Body Sprawl 46) Fight Back 47) Rip 48) Depleted 49) A New Drug For The Criminal 50) Instant Epidemic

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