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Peligro Extremo

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Peligro Extremo

Peligro Extremo is a digital hardcore act from Sacramento, CA. They draw influence from metal and the harder styles of edm (drum and bass, gabber, speedcore, breakcore etc) to form a chaotic electronic vs organic sound.

Artist Tags For Peligro Extremo

1) Metal 2) Grindcore 3) Hardcore 4) Industrial 5) Drum And Bass

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Peligro Extremo

1) Beaten 2) Iron Fist 3) Mysogynistic Gentleman 4) Mogul 5) Destroyer 6) Distortion in the Miirror 7) Daddy's Girl 8) Inspired By Fire 9) Inherent Inhumanity 2014 10) I Guess You Forgot 11) I Love America (Sexually) 12) Lovebyte 13) Like Love Like War Part 1 14) Symphonymphomaniac 15) Metaphysical Self Dissection 16) Inherent Inhumanity 17) Distortion in the Mirror 18) Cybergrindhouse 19) Say Nothing 20) Through The Blue 21) Like Love Like War Part 3 22) Venus 23) Bring Back The Sacrifice 24) Like Love Like War Part 2 25) Oblivion Awaits 26) Voices From The Stars 27) Nothingness

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