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Pay money To my Pain

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Pay money To my Pain

After the disbandment of vocalist K's previous band GUN DOG in 2005, he recruited four members and formed Pay Money to My Pain in Japan. K (vocals), (passed away on Dec. 30th, 2012),PABLO (Guitar), JIN (Guitar), Tsuyoshi (Bass) and ZAX (Drums) began to produce songs by themselves before getting noticed quickly by the record label, VAP. From there, they released their first major single "Drop of Ink" on December 6, 2006. Several months later

Artist Tags For Pay money To my Pain

1) Metalcore 2) Japanese 3) J-Rock 4) Screamo 5) Rock

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Pay money To my Pain

1) Weight of my pride 2) Bury 3) Another Day Comes 4) HOME 5) Pictures 6) The Answer is not in the TV 7) Paralyzed Ocean 8) Same as you are 9) This life 10) Here I'm singing 11) Position 12) Unforgettable Past 13) Voice 14) Lose Your Own 15) Train 16) Lost the voice 17) Price to pay 18) Drive 19) Reflection 20) The sun, love and myself 21) In The Moment 22) Gift 23) Ligarse 24) Terms of surrender 25) Deprogrammer 26) 13 monsters 27) Greed 28) Relive 29) Innocent in a silent room 30) From here to somewhere 31) out of my hands 32) Atheist 33) dilemma 34) Against the pill 35) Wallow in self pity 36) Hourglass 37) Respect for the dead man 38) BUTTERFLY SOARS 39) In the blink of an eye 40) Rain 41) Anxiety 42) Last Wine 43) Truth Fragile 44) Black sheep 45) Sweetest vengeance 46) Close the door 47) Sweetest vengeance (Album mix) 48) Invisible night ~murderer~ 49) OUT OF MY HANDS ~REVIVAL~ 50) BURY ~REDEMPTION~

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