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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Onyan

Toriano "Onyan" Edwards is a soca artist from Antigua. He was one of the founders of the soca band Burning Flames and lead singer till 1996. In his first year as solo artist (1997) he won the Antigua Roadmarch with "Crazy Man". Between 1997 and 2000 he took all titles as Antigua Calypso Monarch. Under the sobriquet Onyan Art he released crossover-albums, a mixture of rock, soca and reggae, together with the Art Ski.

Artist Tags For Onyan

1) Soca 2) Antigua

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Onyan

1) Swim 2) Crazyman 3) Back To Burning Flames 4) Kick Een She Back Doh 5) if loving you is wrong 6) Come By You 7) Piece Ah Iron 8) Wok Dat Waist 9) Cycling 10) Lollipop 11) Everyday Of The Week 12) Ye Le Le 13) Countdown 14) Rehab 15) Fire Unda Me Foot 16) Wifey & Matey 17) Ghetto Riddim 18) Cuff 19) Mongoose 20) Every Day of the Week 21) Rete 22) work with me 23) Who The Cap Fit 24) This Party Is On Fire 25) Wine On Me 26) One Night Stand 27) hurricane again 28) nice and slow 29) Whoops Whaps 30) Bench Warrant 31) Mentally Unstable 32) Fire Ants 33) get wet 34) Ridim Alone 35) Stand Up For Antigua 36) la mour la mour 37) see how high you could jump 38) shoes 39) Ah Want It 40) The Banjo 41) Eat De Meat 42) A Little Bit Harder 43) De Party Nice 44) Crazy Man 45) Ridim Box 46) Take Warning 47) Fire & Water 48) The Drummer 49) Ah Nah How You Look 50) Action

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