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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Nuppraptor

Originally started as an experimental Black Metal band, Vocalist Eradicator6.6.6. (Kain) and Guitarist Overdose2128 (TJ) decided to go into the apocalyptic visions of the future world of horror and cybernetics. Each of their growing number of tracks portrays a future in which the race of mankind has been made obsolete by machinery and computers, and so is at war with it's robotic creations for survival. although currently only containing two members

Artist Tags For Nuppraptor

1) Noise 2) Black Metal 3) Metal 4) Electronic 5) Industrial Metal

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Nuppraptor

1) The Virus Of Mankind 2) Citadel of the Living Dead 3) I Am Eradicator 4) The Dark Engine 5) I Am Eradicator! 6) The Machine 7) I Am Eradicator! rough master 8) The Virus Of Mankind (techno remix) beginning 9) The Machine (no vocals) 10) To Fuck The Beast 11) Dark Engine (tester) 12) Dark Engine (no vocals) 13) Citadel of the Living Dead (Cyber Mix) 14) The Machine (no vocals) 01 15) Apocalypse 16) The Virus Of Mankind unfinished 17) Rum and Plunder 18) The Virus Of Mankind rough

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