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Numb Body

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Numb Body

Numb Body is a solo project from the great white north of Canada, playing an experimental mixture of Industrial, Post-Punk, Post-Rock, Noise Rock, Alt Rock, and Electronic music, influenced by bands such as The Melvins, A Place To Bury Strangers, Killing Joke, Radiohead, Mount Eerie, The Cure, Chelsea Wolfe, Joy Division, Have A Nice Life, Godflesh, the music of the Silent Hill games and the films of David Lynch.

Artist Tags For Numb Body

1) Electronic 2) Jazz 3) Heavy 4) Ambient 5) Experimental

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Numb Body

1) Bloodhail 2) Yin Yang 3) Men Would Become Monsters If They Could Stop Time 4) No More Birthdays 5) Karoshi (Good Dreams) 6) Petricore (feat. Symbolic Violence) 7) Sometimes, There Are Witches (Single Mix) 8) There Is No Love To Be Found In A Dead City 9) Cold Winds 10) There Is No Love To Be Found In A Dead City (EP Mix) 11) 80 Trust 12) Peine forte et dure 13) Shadowplay (feat. Onat Önol) 14) Batman Beyond Theme 15) Theme Of Laura 16) Dating In The Music Scene 17) Hybrid Moments 18) Aether Employee Battle Theme 19) Bullet 20) Come, Sweet Death 21) I Live In The Abyss 22) Vacant Lot (Angel Below Me) 23) Jigsaw Falling Into Place 24) The Dreamer 25) No More 26) Like Rats 27) David Lynchmob 28) Where Eagles Dare 29) Big Bird 30) Decades 31) Do We Get What We Deserve? 32) Tainted 33) Dead Souls 34) Yin Yang (Single Mix)

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