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Nubiyan Twist

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Nubiyan Twist

Nubiyan Twist play an upbeat blend of groove driven music with a powerful horn section, soulful female vocals/mc'ing, live dubs/ electronics, turntablism and an explosive rhythm section stretching from Brazil to the UK. Nubiyan Twist are a Leeds born, London based musical collective. Orchestrated by guitarist/producer Tom Excell, they create a unique, infectious sound in an eclectic mix of styles, drawing on jazz, hip-hop, afrobeat, latin, soul, reggae and dance music.

Artist Tags For Nubiyan Twist

1) Jazz 2) Soul 3) British 4) Funk 5) Afrobeat

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Nubiyan Twist

1) Figure Numatic 2) Jungle Run 3) Work House 4) Tell It To Me Slowly 5) Straight Lines 6) Permission 7) Hypnotised 8) Turu 9) Shake Me Down 10) Basa Basa 11) Sugar Cane 12) Addis to London 13) Dance Inna London 14) Brother 15) Borders 16) Ghosts 17) They Talk 18) Headhunter 19) Hypnotised - Chief Rockers Remix 20) All The Pieces 21) All The Pieces - Wonky Logic Remix 22) Siren Song 23) Him Himself 24) Crocodile 25) Figure Numatic - Radio Edit 26) Workhouse - Ed West Remix 27) Straight Lines - Werkha Remix 28) Work House Mode 29) Straight Lines - K-Lone Remix 30) TELL IT TO ME SLOWLY (FEAT. NICK RICHARDS) 31) Sugar Cane feat. Nubiya Brandon 32) Hypnotised - Dubmatix One Drop 33) Shake Me Down - Chief Rockas Remix 34) Figure Numatic - Paper Tiger Remix 35) Figure Numatic - Afriquoi Remix 36) JUNGLE RUN (FEAT. NUBIYA BRANDON) 37) Workhouse - Samson Sounds Remix 38) B3: All The Pieces - Voyeur Remix 39) Workhouse - Titeknots Remix 40) Workhouse - Wonky Logic Remix 41) Dance Inna London - Dem Juju Poets Remix 42) ADDIS TO LONDON (FEAT. MULATU ASTATKE) 43) Straight Lines (Werkha Remix) 44) Addis To London feat. Mulatu Astatke 45) Dance Inna London - Renegades of Jazz Remix 46) Hypnotised (Chief Rockers Remix) 47) BROTHER (FEAT. NUBIYA BRANDON) 48) BASA BASA (FEAT. K.O.G.) 49) Tell It To Me Slowly Feat. Nick Richards 50) BORDERS (FEAT. PILO ADAMI)

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