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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Notaker

Notaker is the alias of St. Louis dance producer David Nothaker. He is known for breakout singles such as Infinite and Shimmer. Notaker attended his first electronic music show in 2009, and soon after a friend convinced him to download Logic Pro. In September of 2015 he released his first single, Oceanview Dr, on Brooklyn Fire Records. He followed up with Feel The Rain in December. His first EP, The Notaker EP, came in March of 2016, released on Jaytech's Positronic Digital imprint.

Artist Tags For Notaker

1) Trance 2) Electronic 3) American 4) EDM 5) All

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Notaker

1) Infinite 2) Only In My Dreams 3) The Storm 4) Shimmer 5) Wake up, You're Dreaming 6) Abyss 7) Each Other 8) Corrupted 9) Into The Light 10) Born In The Flames 11) Terra 12) Gems 13) Monarch - Speed of Light 14) Who I Am 15) Melophonic 16) Fatal System Error 17) Too Smooth (feat. Grey MTTR) 18) From Dust & Ashes 19) Saving Light (Notaker Remix) [feat. HALIENE] 20) So Much Love 21) Dream World Lapse 22) Subweapon [ABGT177] 23) Machina 24) Just Close Your Eyes 25) The Longest Night 26) Sub Weapon 27) Who I Am (feat. Karra) 28) Into The Light (VIP) 29) Retribution 30) Oceanview Dr. 31) Hypersleep 32) Too Smooth 33) Subweapon [ABGT176] 34) Believe 35) Into The Light (feat. Karra) 36) Feel The Rain [ABGT161] - Club Mix 37) Each Other (feat. Eric Lumiere) 38) Feel The Rain - Original Mix 39) Infinite (Original Mix) 40) Shimmer (Original Mix) 41) Monarch (Speed of Light) 42) Feel The Rain (Original Mix) 43) Who I Am (feat. Declan James & Karra) 44) Into The Light - VIP 45) Gems (Original Mix) 46) Monarch (Speed of Light mix) 47) Too Smooth feat. Grey MTTR 48) Saving Light (Notaker Remix) 49) Feel The Rain - ABGT Mix Club Mix 50) Feel The Rain - ABGT161 Club Mix

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