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Ninca Leece

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Ninca Leece

Having, in recent years, played clubs and festivals all over the world, writing soundtracks or collaborating with fellow musicians, the French vocalist, who now lives in Berlin, has finally got around to completing her debut solo album, which she has been working on whenever she found a free moment. Brazil, China, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy – Ninca Leece has certainly gone the distance to bring her very own interpretation of contemporary electronic pop music to the people.

Artist Tags For Ninca Leece

1) Synth Pop 2) Electronic 3) French 4) Experimental 5) Electronica

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Ninca Leece

1) on top of the world 2) touriste 3) Funny symphony 4) the beast 5) Lovesong 6) division 7) you're walking in my head 8) Up to you 9) The uncut version 10) aseptique 11) Like a tattoo 12) Feed Me Rainbows 13) Feed Me Rainbows (Public Lover Remix) 14) On Top Of The World - Radio Edit 15) Feed Me Rainbows - Original Mix 16) Feed Me Rainbows - Public Lover Remix 17) on top 18) On Top Of The World (Radio Edit) 19) aspetique short edit 20) On Top Of The World - Ninca Leece Remix 21) On Top Of The World - Seelenluft Remix 22) Love Song (The Cure cover) 23) ninca leece - on top of the world 24) On Top of the World (Ninca Leece Remix) 25) Like A Tattoo - Anemph Remix 26) On the top of the world 27) the uncut minimix 28) On Top Of The World [House 2010] [] 29) On Top Of The World (h.cut) 30) Feed Me Rainbows (Original Mix) 31) you're walking 32) Uncut Version 33) Love Song [House 2010] 34) Carnival balloons 35) B-Ninca_Leece-Feed_Me_Rainbows-Public_Lover-Remix-SONG03 36) Beast 37) A-Ninca_Leece-Feed_Me_Rainbows-SONG03 38) Love Song (The Cure) 39) funny sumphony 40) Koritsaki 41) lab 42) Feed Me Rainbows Original Mix 43) Feed Me Rainbows (Public Lover rmix) 44) Feed Me Rainbows [House 2010] [] 45) Love Song [House 2010] [] 46) On Top Of The World (Hörprobe) 47) Division [House 2010] [] 48) Like A Tatoo 49) The Beast - Ninca Leece 50) Funny Symphony [House 2010] []

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