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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Nergard

Nergard is a music project of Norwegian musician Andreas Nergård (born 18. april 1989). In the year 2010 he begun to write his debut album Memorial for a Wish. During creation of album he collaborated with well-known musicians from metal world and has continued to do so on his next releases. Artist involved with this project so far: * Elize Ryd - Vocals (Amaranthe) * Ralf Scheepers - Vocals (Primal Fear, Gamma Ray) * Michael Eriksen - Vocals (Circus Maximus)

Artist Tags For Nergard

1) Norway 2) Power Metal 3) Melodic Metal 4) Neutral 5) Melodic Metal Anthems Sampler

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Nergard

1) On Through the Storm 2) Fall From Grace 3) Hell On Earth 4) A Question of God 5) Twenty Years in Hell 6) An Everlasting Dreamscape 7) Let It Come 8) I Will Find You 9) Help Me Through The Night 10) Angels 11) A Bit Closer To Heaven 12) Nightfall 13) When All I Want Is You 14) Lights and Shadows 15) Requiem 16) Light And Shadows 17) Is This Our Last Goodbye 18) The Haunted 19) Is This Our Last Goodbye? 20) One Of These Days 21) A Question of God (feat. Tony Mills) 22) With Or Without You (U2 cover) 23) The Bandstand (A-ha cover) 24) Acrobat (U2 cover) 25) All I Ever Wanted 26) Question of God 27) Stay 28) Nightfall (feat. Andi Kravljaca & Nils K. Rue) 29) Inside Memories 30) Hell On Earth (feat. Mike Vescera) 31) On Through The Storm (feat. Andi Kravljaca, Elize Ryd & Jørn Viggo Lofstad) 32) Twenty Years in Hell (feat. Sunniva Unsgard, Ole Martin Moe Thorn?s & Andi Kravljaca) 33) On Through The Storm (feat. Elize Ryd, Andi Kravljaca) 34) The Bandstand 35) Is This Our Last Goodbye (feat. Age Sten Nilsen & Goran Edman) 36) An Everlasting Dreamscape (feat. Andi Kravljaca) 37) Angels (feat. Ole Martin Moe Thorn?s, David Reece & Michele Luppi) 38) A Bit Closer To Heaven (feat. Andi Kravljaca, Stig Nergård) 39) The Haunted (feat. Ralf Scheepers) 40) Requiem (feat. Sunniva Unsgard, Ole Martin Moe Thorn?s & Ralf Scheepers) 41) All I Ever Wanted (feat. Tony Mills) 42) Acrobat 43) Let It Come (feat. Michael Eriksen, Øyvind Voldmo Larsen) 44) With Or Without You 45) Light And Shadows (feat. Ralf Scheepers, Nils K. Rue, Andi Kravljaca, Ole Martin Moe Thornæs) 46) Nergard - The Bandstand 47) 01. Twenty Years In Hell 48) 06 - Nightfall 49) 03 - Is This Our Last Goodbye 50) Fall From Grace (feat. Thomas Løseth)

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