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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For MystiriuM

MystiriuM is a Norwegian Melodic Death-Black Metal band formed in 1995 by front member, Amin Azareum . All the band lyrics written by AminAzareum , THE band Activate them Music Records in 2004 by them first demo (the Dark forest beyond) until thy take them own studio in Norway to let them recording all them old & new Albums. Azareum Found the real Black/death metal in Norway beginning with Old black metal School & from the Ancient countries he found

Artist Tags For MystiriuM

1) Black Metal 2) Industrial Metal 3) Norway

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For MystiriuM

1) Stained With Epizootic Blood 2) Determination of Hate 3) Suking her dark blood 4) Crows bloody loch 5) Leave me with my Darkness (intro) 6) Vampires hiding from sun burning 7) Inside the dark cave of sorrow 8) Pregnant raped to blood 9) Of the Dark winter 10) Immortality of the dead 11) The call of chaos 12) Louch of the dead 13) In to The valley of Thamood 14) Spartan For Dying 15) From the beginning of the vampires cradle (Outro) 16) Scenes of the hemic 17) Slay them all 18) Riving vagina 19) Old vampire living in ancient cave 20) The dark age of Lothlorien 21) The dark shadow of the Sunset 22) To the forsaken path 23) Leaving the priding life 24) Eating the Organism's Guts 25) My beauty black tomb (Instrumental) 26) Interior Of The Great Temple 27) Towards to the deadly shadows (Intro) 28) Sleeping with lusting witches (instrumental) 29) Deathtrip of my Bloody war 30) Enticing naked virgins (Intro) 31) Vying on cleopatra fucking (Instrumental) 32) I want death (Instrumental) 33) Smell of death 34) My blood share 35) I want death 36) New age raised of the vampires (Album advert) 37) City of Iram 38) The dark life encrypted 39) Empirical test for my spell 40) Of my abandoned lost castle 41) The queen of immortal bodies 42) Smell of life beings decay 43) There Is No End For My Suffer 44) Night heron call (intro) 45) Captives of the bloody war 46) New age raised of the vampires (Intro) 47) Brain blast 48) Feeling of death 49) The black crows call (inst) 50) Loch of the dead

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