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MyChildren MyBride

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For MyChildren MyBride

Hailing from the ever growing metal scene of north Alabama, brutal Hardcore influenced Metal act, Mychildren Mybride , are proud to have landed a home with Solid State Records. Capturing the label's attention through their non-stop touring efforts, d.i.y. European tour, and several self-released EP's, MCMB is a band that knows what it means to prove their worth through endless hard work and with genuine effort. Having the Heart for War (2005) was recorded in December of 2004 at Clearwave Studios in Decatur, AL.

Artist Tags For MyChildren MyBride

1) Metalcore 2) Hardcore 3) Christian 4) Deathcore 5) Christian Metalcore

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For MyChildren MyBride

1) On Wings Of Integrity 2) Circle The Sky 3) Headshot! 4) Faithless 5) Boris The Blade 6) the machinist 7) Versus 8) severance 9) Waves Of Oppression 10) Choke 11) King Of The Hopeless 12) Hooligans 13) Crimson Grim 14) Lost Boys 15) Terra Firma 16) Dark Passenger 17) Gatekeeper 18) Redeemer 19) Digital Rebirth 20) Lungs Full Of Water 21) Close Your Eyes 22) In Due Time 23) Falls First Fire 24) Love Letter To 25) Immaculate Murder 26) A Spar too Late 27) God of Nothing 28) Anathema 29) Every Moment 30) A Bayonette Doesn't Make You A Hero 31) Nuclear+ 32) Untitled 33) The Endless 34) SAMCRO 35) Dreamcatchers 36) Black Cloud 37) Hell or High Water 38) Observer 39) intro(Morpheus) 40) No One Listens, No One Cares 41) On Wings Of Integrity Pt. II 42) Nuclear 43) On Wings of Integrity Pt. 2 44) Waves Of Opression 45) XeN0 46) Act I: Elysium 77 47) Morpheus 48) THORNS 49) The Acrobat 50) Act II: Sonar

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