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My Dear Addiction

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For My Dear Addiction

My Dear Addiction delivers the kind of undisputable metal the modern world has come to expect from Sweden. Hard hitting metal with a touch of striking melodies. 10 years of endless rehearsals and numerous member changes finally resulted in success for original members Kim and Peter when Blind was reborn as My Dear Addiction. Blind was striving for success already in the early days when the band was opening act for bands such as Mustasch, performing at The Underworld in London and made it to the finals in Bandit unsigned 2 years in a row.

Artist Tags For My Dear Addiction

1) Melodic Metalcore 2) Modern Metal 3) Metalcore 4) Alternative Metal 5) Melodic Death Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For My Dear Addiction

1) Through the Ashes 2) Are You There 3) New Blood 4) Return of Innocence 5) Unbreakable 6) One of the Lucky Ones 7) Serenity 8) Winners 9) Addiction 10) Alive 11) Confessions From the Heart 12) Kill the Silence 13) The Pages We Write 14) All White 15) Our Fire Inside 16) Beautiful 17) Your Star Will Shine 18) Always Around You 19) A Promise 20) Follow 21) Veins 22) Face It and Rewind 23) Blind For The World To See 24) No More Tears 25) In Search For I 26) Alive? 27) Veins(Alternative Metal / Melodic Metalcore) 28) Return Of Innosence 29) Pages We Write 30) Return To Innocense 31) My Dear Addiction - Alive 32) Return of Innocence - My Dear Addiction - New Blood 33) You There 34) Kill The Silence (2016) 35) Return Of Innocernce 36) 7. My Dear Addiction - One Of The Lucky Ones 37) My Dear Addiction 38) Kill the Silence ( 39) Through the Ashes (New Blood) 40) Are You There* 41) Are You There 02 (New Blood) 42) Confessions 43) My Dear Addiction New Blood 44) 3. My Dear Addiction - New Blood 45) 02. Are You There? 46) One of the Lucky Ones (New Blood) 47) 8.My_Dear_Addiction-New_Blood 48) New Blood(Alternative Metal / Melodic Metalcore) 49) 01 Kill The Silence 50) The Page We Write

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