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Molly Nilsson

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Molly Nilsson

Molly Nilsson is a Swedish singer and producer, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her magical melodies and touchingly clever lyrics grow on you as you find yourself listening to them over and over again. With her one-woman-show, this escaped Swede brings her nostalgic pop, on a journey through life and death, with love and trouble, to a No Mans Land, on the border between reality and dream. Molly Nilsson has been running her own label and producing her own music since 2007

Artist Tags For Molly Nilsson

1) Synthpop 2) Seen Live 3) Minimal Synth 4) Female Vocalists 5) Avant-Garde

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Molly Nilsson

1) Hey Moon! 2) Whiskey Sour 3) The Lonely 4) I Hope You Die 5) (Won't Somebody) Take Me Out Tonight 6) 8000 days 7) Wounds Itch When They Heal 8) The Diamond Song 9) We're Never Coming Home 10) Poisoned Candy 11) The Home Song 12) Dinosaur Tears 13) Joyride 14) my dream from last night 15) You Always Hurt the One You Love 16) 1995 17) Meanwhile in Berlin 18) Hotel Home 19) In Real Life 20) Hiroshima Street 21) City of Atlantis 22) The Bottles of Tomorrow 23) Intermezzo: The Party 24) QWERTY (censored version) 25) Mountain Time 26) The Clocks 27) Skybound 28) I'm Still Wearing His Jacket 29) The Power Ballad 30) Philadelphia 31) Worlds Apart 32) truth 33) Dear Life 34) Happyness 35) Dirty Fingers 36) Going Places 37) Ten New Lives 38) A Song They Won't Be Playing On the Radio 39) City 40) The Closest We'll Ever Get to Heaven 41) Lovers Are Losers 42) The Only Planet 43) A Slice of Lemon 44) Atlantic Tales 45) Last Forever 46) H.O.P.E. 47) Every Night Is New 48) Hello Loneliness 49) In the Mood for a Tattoo 50) Omega

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