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Misa E' Gallo

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Misa E' Gallo

Misa 'E Gallo was founded in the summer of 2013 in Puerto Rico with the idea and search to unite and innovate two different ideas by Victor Marini and Gerardo "Gerry" Pomales, who met at the Conservatory of Arts of the Caribbean. Each one with different musical backgrounds and factors decided to join forces to create a unique fusion group. Little by little, together with the personal and professional development of both, they invite new musicians to join the idea adapting those styles and musical knowledge to evolve.

Artist Tags For Misa E' Gallo

1) Hip-Hop 2) Jazz 3) Soul 4) Rap 5) Fusion

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Misa E' Gallo

1) Vámonos Pa'l Monte 2) Cervecita 3) Gravedad 4) ¿Quién Sabe? 5) Sumerio 6) El Loco 7) Añoranza 8) Como Dice La Leyenda (feat. Paoli Mejias) 9) Victor Power 10) La Clara 11) Como Dice La Leyenda 12) Bien Undel 13) Sahumerio 14) Fantasmas 15) Yo Nací 16) Vámonos Pa'l Monte 17) Otras Cosas

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