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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Menschdefekt

Menschdefekt was first established in Aschaffenburg, Germany as a solo-project by Dominik R. in 2004. In February of 2009, Fredrik (See also : Project Rotten and Necroleptic) became a permanent member of the lineup, as the lyricist and vocalist. Stylistically the sound mainly moves between Electro, Industrial and Gothic. However, Menschdefekt is influenced by different genres such as Trance, Future Pop and others. The lyrics are deliberately constructed to be socially critical and provocative in order to reflect the name “Menschdefekt”.

Artist Tags For Menschdefekt

1) Dark Electro 2) Industrial 3) Ebm 4) Harsh EBM 5) Germany

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Menschdefekt

1) Psycho Bitch 2) Dekadenz 3) Fragile Existence 4) Schizophrenia 5) Instincts Of Corruption 6) Black Harvest 7) Plague (The Human Parasite) 8) Mind Control 9) Dedicating Hate 10) Piggy 11) Flames 12) Trigger 13) Plastic 14) instincts of corruption (fgfc820 remix) 15) Slave 16) The Way 17) Dark Side 18) Flaws (Bang Bang!) 19) Flames (Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket Remix) 20) Slave (Proyecto Crisis Remix) 21) Dekadenz (C-LEKKTOR Remix) 22) Flames (Snippet) 23) Touch Of Madness 24) Slave (Anamadim Remix) 25) Trigger (Electric Breathing Remix) 26) I Am The Way 27) Schizophrenia (Grinder Mix By The Harvest) 28) Armageddon 29) Stalingrad (Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket Rework) 30) Stalingrad (Hexen Prozess Remix) 31) Vampirkiller 32) Intro 33) Flawed 34) The System Of Nothing 35) A New Age 36) Slave (Snippet) 37) The Devil 38) Stalingrad 39) Glioblastoma 40) Terror 41) Rot In Hell 42) Menschenfresser 43) Civil War 44) fragile existence (acylum remix) 45) fragile existence (es23 remix) 46) Degeneration 47) End of It All 48) Prozium 49) Reinkarnation 50) Fuehrer, Volk und Vaterland?

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