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Maurice Moore

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Maurice Moore

The story all begins in the cold canadian capitol of Ottawa, ‚Äč Born an interesting mixture of ethnicities including African American, Caucasian, Native American, and Cuban - Maurice embodies the true meaning of diversity, in his background and in his musical creations. At only 6 years old, Maurice's parents endured a harsh divorce, forcing him to take the role as man of the house and take care of his baby sister while mom worked multiple jobs to provide for them.

Artist Tags For Maurice Moore

1) Electronic 2) R&b 3) R And B 4) Rnb 5) Canadians

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Maurice Moore

1) The Loudest Silence 2) C'est la vie 3) lol. 4) Please You 5) Sex U Back 2 Sleep 6) Play 7) Thotline 8) Little More 9) Just 2 10) Everything That Shines Ain't Gold - Floating Points Edit 11) In My Head 12) My Girl 13) Everything That Shines Ain't Gold - Part One and Two 14) Bed Time 15) Your Man 16) Take Time 17) Something About You 18) READY 19) Destination Unknown 20) Sensei 21) One Night Stand 22) Justice 23) June 21st 24) Rich 25) Typhoon 26) Having Fun 27) Yeah Yeah Yeah (feat. Tay Jasper) 28) dreamer interlude 29) Brave / Time Travelling 30) Waste Man 31) Forever & Always 32) Dancing on the Moon 33) Stay Up 34) beginning of the end. 35) Back Again 36) Selfless (feat. Jeff Sanon) 37) Shut Up, Kiss Me 38) The Feels 39) Pass On By (Interlude) 40) Cherry Bomb 41) 3 O'Clock 42) Too Deep 43) Gravity (Intro) 44) Fortnite (Toasted) 45) Cut Me Loose 46) Everything That Shines Ain't Gold (Floating Points Edit) 47) Slide on Me 48) Show You 49) Christmas eve 50) Thotline (Remix) (feat. Sage The Gemini)

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