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Marshall Law

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Marshall Law

MARSHALL LAW - very heavy and proud of it. Birmingham's MARSHALL LAW offer twin guitar Power Metal powered by the exceptional talents of vocalist Andy Pyke, twin guitarists Dave Martin and Dave Rothan, bassist Tom Dwyer and drummer Pete Hunt. MARSHALL LAW benefited in their early days from the enthusiastic management of Birmingham DJ Dave Juste and the seemingly tireless ability to undertake enormous club tours, including supports to GYPSY QUEEN and HELLION, building up a loyal fan base along the way.

Artist Tags For Marshall Law

1) Heavy Metal 2) Power Metal 3) Metal 4) NWOBHM 5) New Wave Of British Heavy Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Marshall Law

1) CHAIN OF YOUTH 2) Under the Hammer 3) LEVIATHAN 4) Victory at Last 5) Razorhead 6) Rock the Nation 7) Marshall Law 8) Meganoid 9) Armageddon 10) Screaming 11) NO JUSTICE 12) Hearts and Thunder 13) Blood on Blood 14) Premonition 15) Swarm 16) The Summoning 17) Gods Of Deception 18) Head Trap 19) We're Hot 20) System X 21) Feel It 22) Night Terror 23) Retreat 24) Twisted This 25) Future Shock 26) When Will It End? 27) War 28) Divides 29) The Chambre 30) Blood And Pain 31) Nothing Lasts Forever 32) Another Bullet 33) Remembered Forever 34) Locked and Loaded 35) Necromancer 36) Hell on Earth 37) Bloodlines 38) Devil's Anvil 39) March of History 40) Seek and You Shall Find 41) NAKED AGGRESSION 42) Devices 43) ANOTHER GENERATION 44) SEARCHING FOR PARADISE 45) Foregathering 46) POWER GAME 47) Empowerment 48) God King 49) PSYCHODRAMA 50) Searching for Paradise (demo)

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