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Manilla Road

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Manilla Road

Manilla Road was an American heavy metal band from Wichita, Kansas, USA, forming around its master of lead guitar Mark 'The Shark' Shelton (vocals and guitar). They are considered to one of the early pioneers of the epic metal subcategory of traditional heavy metal and one of the most influential bands in that style. Manilla Road was created by Shelton in 1977 with high school friends Benny Munkirs, Rick Fisher and brothers Robert and Scott Park.

Artist Tags For Manilla Road

1) Heavy Metal 2) Epic Metal 3) Power Metal 4) Epic Heavy Metal 5) Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Manilla Road

1) Necropolis 2) Crystal Logic 3) The Riddle Master 4) Feeling Free Again 5) Prologue 6) The Ram 7) The Veils of Negative Existence 8) Divine Victim 9) Flaming Metal System 10) Astronomica 11) Open the Gates 12) The Ninth Wave 13) Dementia 14) Weavers of the Web 15) Dreams of Eschaton / Epilogue 16) Heavy Metal to the World 17) Road of Kings 18) Hammer Of The Witches 19) The Fires of Mars 20) Isle Of The Dead 21) Hour of the Dragon 22) Taken By Storm 23) Morbid Tabernacle 24) Witches Brew 25) Friction In Mass 26) Rest In Pieces 27) Mystification 28) Haunted Palace 29) The Deluge 30) Spirits of the Dead 31) Up From the Crypt 32) Masque of the Red Death 33) Valley of Unrest 34) Children of the Night 35) Metalstorm 36) Shadows in the Black 37) Dragon Star 38) The Grey God Passes 39) Far Side of the Sun 40) Death by the Hammer 41) Stand Your Ground 42) The Battle Of Bonchester Bridge 43) Enter the Warrior 44) Queen of the Black Coast 45) Shadow In The Black 46) Defender 47) The Dream Goes On 48) Metalström 49) Metal 50) Whitechapel

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