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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Mandidextrous

Mandidextrous is a pseudonym of a Buckinghamshire, UK, Mandi (aka Mandi Dextrous and Hung Clunge Phooey) who has dominated the jungle techno movement since the late 90's. Founder of Amen4Tekno and one part of TNT Sound System. Mandidextrous is a common name on line ups where respected jungle / drum and bass DJ's perform. Her background growing up around free parties and London raves have influenced the underground sound she establishes today, continuing to sell thousands of records each year.

Artist Tags For Mandidextrous

1) UK 2) Dance 3) Jungle 4) Under 2000 Listeners 5) European

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Mandidextrous

1) The Flava Selecta 2) Unitek 3) Bad Granny 4) No Digitek 5) Red Hot Hip Hop 6) GANJA MARKA 7) Give It Up 8) Drop Top 9) Rinse & Repeat 10) In The Rave 11) Laser Beam 12) Bad Ass V.I.P 13) Just a Creeper 14) Juice 15) Just Release 16) Musically Dope 17) Style 18) Back 2 Our Future 19) Day Walker 20) Another Gun Shot 21) Mind Iller 22) Rave In Session 23) Money Money Money (Ft.Ruff-Tek) 24) Screamer Ram Trilogy (Mandidextrous Remix) 25) Wishing Well 26) Hot Hot Hot 27) Bucka 28) Crazy Jungle 29) Dark Selectaaa 30) Fantasy 31) Murder Was the Tekbass 32) E.A Raves 33) Feel 34) Ruff & Tuff 35) Bad 36) Butterfly Effect Mandidextrous 37) Dancing Double 38) So Dangerous 39) Money Are Dem God 40) DANCEHALL QUEEN Studio Master 41) That Amen Break 42) Run Tune 43) Dub Be Good To Me 44) Under Me Sensi 45) Rub a Dub 46) Champion Tekno 47) The Elephant 48) Speed Dust 49) Just A Creeper (Mandidextrous) 50) The Rude And Deadly Zone

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