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Mad Brains

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Mad Brains

Artist Tags For Mad Brains

1) Hip-Hop 2) Experimental 3) Industrial 4) Death Metal 5) Industrial Metal

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Mad Brains

1) Exhaleee 2) Biffs (prod. by Lokai) 3) Exhaleee [Prod. Da Grassroots] 4) Cold Zades & Stinky Reefa 5) Too much rum, hush [Prod. Mf Doom] 6) Mad Brains- Night Time [Prod. Mr Scruff] 7) Blowpane [Prod. Purist] 8) Buggin [Prod. Two Lone Swordsmen] 9) Grenade [Prod. Hit Boy] 10) Mad Loon [Prod. Thirstin Howl] 11) Mad Brains- Top Blooper [Prod. MF DOOM] 12) Bobby's Backpack [Prod. Mf Doom] 13) Night time [Prod. Mr. Scruff] 14) Top blooper [Prod. Mf Doom] 15) Grenade 16) Mad Brains- Exhaleee [Prod. Da Grassroots] 17) Mad Brains- Blowpane [Prod. Purist] 18) Too Much Rum, Hush 19) Biffs 20) Blowpane 21) Biffs(prod. by Lokai) 22) Biffs(prod. by Lokai)[Free DL] 23) Mad Brains- Buggin [Prod. Two Lone Swordsmen] 24) Mad Brains- Bobby's Backpack [Prod. MF DOOM] 25) Mad Brains- Mad Loon ft. J Flowz & Ricci Queens [Prod. Thirstin Howl] 26) Mad Brains- Grenade [Prod. Hit Boy] 27) Top Blooper 28) Paranoïa (feat. $immy) 29) Solo (feat. Srabi Machine) 30) Buggin 31) too much rum hush 32) Myth 33) Half British 34) Шизофрения 35) Biffs(prod 36) Solo 37) No03 38) No02 39) Seven 40) Havoc feat. Rhett Nicholl 41) Breakfast At Sunset 42) Fold 43) Cracked Lips 44) If I Ever Came Into Serious Money (Prod by. Yung Still) 45) Low Alpine 46) Johnny Deep feat. Kojey Radical 47) Mad Brains- Too much rum, hush [Prod. MF DOOM] 48) Minimal feat. J-Flowz 49) Paranoia feat. $immy 50) My Villains

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