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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For MKTO

MKTO is a Californian music duo consisting of Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller. The two met in 2010 while filming the Nickelodeon television series Gigantic, in which they played best friends. They later formed a musical duo and came up with the name MKTO, which represents their combined initials. They elaborated upon the inspiration for their group name, saying "it also stands for what our album kind of is: Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts – just like the kids we were in high school".

Artist Tags For MKTO

1) Pop 2) Alternative 3) Indie 4) Indie Pop 5) Alternative Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For MKTO

1) Classic 2) Thank You 3) American Dream 4) Bad Girls 5) HOW CAN I FORGET 6) Monaco 7) Just Imagine It 8) Wasted 9) God Only Knows 10) Hands off My Heart / Places You Go 11) Goodbye Song 12) Could Be Me 13) Superstitious 14) Afraid of the Dark 15) Forever Until Tomorrow 16) Heartbreak Holiday 17) Shoulda Known Better 18) Nowhere 19) Hands off My Heart - Mysto & Pizzi Remix 20) No More Second Chances 21) Marry Those Eyes 22) How Can I Forget - Ryan Riback Remix 23) Consider Me Yours 24) Could Be Me (Feat. Ne-Yo) 25) No More Second Chances (Feat. Jessica Ashley) 26) Simple Things 27) Superstitious - Chris McClenney Remix 28) Consider Me Yours (The Suicide Doors Remix) 29) How Can I Forget - Sebastian Perez Remix 30) Superstitious (Chris McClenney Remix) 31) MKTO on Classic 32) MKTO on Thank You 33) Thank You (Single Edit) 34) How Can I Forget - Sebastian Peréz Remix 35) MKTO on God Only Knows 36) MKTO on Could Be Me 37) Hands off My Heart (Mysto & Pizzi Remix) 38) MKTO on American Dream 39) MKTO on Goodbye Song 40) MKTO on No More Second Chances 41) MKTO on Heartbreak Holiday 42) MKTO on Wasted 43) MKTO on Nowhere 44) MKTO on Forever Until Tomorrow 45) MKTO - Thank you 46) Classic - NOW What’s Next! 47) Classic (Discotecture Remix) 48) Hands off My Heart 49) Classic (Acoustic Version) 50) Beauty And A Beat - Nova Red Room Performance

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