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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Lovex

Lovex is a rock band from Tampere, Finland. The members are Theon McInsane (vocals), Vivian Sin'Amor (guitar), Sammy Black (guitar), Christian (keyboards), Julian Drain (drums), and Jason (bass). All the band members have pseudonyms and do not use their real names. The band started in 2001-2002, when several members and one former member, who had previously played in other bands, decided to start their own band to play rock music and have fun. As of 2004 they wrote and recorded many songs, and got a record deal.

Artist Tags For Lovex

1) Finnish 2) Rock 3) Glam Rock 4) Love Metal 5) Gothic Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Lovex

1) Guardian Angel 2) Bullet For The Pain 3) Take A Shot 4) Bleeding 5) Remorse 6) Die A Little More 7) Divine Insanity 8) Oh How The Mighty Fall 9) Wounds 10) Turn 11) Halfway 12) Yours 13) Ordinary Day 14) Sleeptight 15) On The Sidelines 16) Time And Time Again 17) If She's Near 18) Watch Out! 19) Different Light 20) Belong To No One 21) Writings On The Wall 22) Anyone, Anymore 23) U.S.A. 24) My Isolation 25) Rid Of Me 26) End Of The World 27) Slave for the Glory 28) Save Me 29) Anyone Anymore 30) Love and Lust 31) 15 Minutes 32) Wild And Violent 33) Crash My World 34) Shout 35) Don Juan 36) Action 37) Queen of the Night 38) Worlds Collide 39) Heart Of Stone 40) Time Of Your Life 41) Marble Walls 42) End Of The World (Outro) 43) One 44) Guardian Angel (Late Night Version) 45) Don't Let Me Fall 46) When The Lights Go Down 47) Fight Back 48) Got What I Came For 49) Miracle 50) Fighter

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