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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Living

There are at least three artists using the name Living: 1.) Assembled by front-man and songwriter Terry Strecker, Living were a highly theatrical 11-piece ensemble formed at SUNY Purchase; influenced by Bowie as well as certain other early synth-groups. The music video for Living's "Boat Talk" was originally included on Danspak (a video release formation) and remains a staple of the early 80s. 2.) Solo album by Lucas de Almeida of Inverness. Written and recorded between May and November of 2006 in a small brazilian town called Campinas

Artist Tags For Living

1) Rock 2) Norwegian 3) Psychedelic Rock 4) Norway 5) Neo-Psychedelic

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Living

1) Glory 2) Risen 3) Florahedron 4) Path 5) Calyx 6) Cerulean 7) Memes reacting to their Living-Meme status #1 8) A Light 9) Apples & Oranges 10) Inagotable 11) La sombra de tus alas (Ver. Acústica) feat. Un Corazón 12) Intuition 13) Cherub 14) Memes reacting to their Living-Meme status #2 15) Sin Límites 16) Kelphalagikós 17) Las Palabras De Mi Padre 18) 42 19) Boat Talk 20) Nada Ni Nadie 21) Ojos Abiertos (El cielo en mí) 22) La Sombra De Tus Alas 23) Florahedron (DC#64) 24) Inagotable ft. Evan Craft (Acústico) 25) Reflejo 26) Memes reacting to their Living-Meme status #3 27) En la tierra como en el cielo feat. Evan Craft 28) A Day in the Life of a Tree (Beach Boys cover) 29) Gracia Implacable 30) Memes reacting to their Living 31) Conocerte Más feat. CRYS 32) Rey de mi corazón 33) Rockie Fresh (Feat Naledge & Phil Ade) 34) La sombra de tus alas feat. Un Corazón (Ver Acústica) 35) Mayor Que Todo (Live) 36) Memes reacting to their Living-Meme status #4 37) Mi Rey (feat. Lead) 38) que me coma el tigre 39) Bone Crusher 40) Conocerte Más (LIVE) 41) Inagotable feat. Evan Craft (Ver Acústica) 42) Andrew Bayer & James Grant 43) Terse Swagger 44) Poderosa Cruz 45) Chainz feat. IAMSU! 46) DEAD 47) Grounded 48) What on Earth 49) Reflejo (Remix feat. Gustavo V) 50) Para Siempre (LIVE)

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