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Like Moths to Flames

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Like Moths to Flames

Like Moths to Flames is a five piece modern metalcore/alternative metal band from Dayton, Ohio, United States, getting ready to make a big start in 2010. The band started for vocalist Chris Roetter, as he was originally fronting Agraceful, however, after many issues concerning members dropping out, Like Moths to Flames was formed with four previous members of Terrafirma. They have one EP and two full-length albums, the most recent being An Eye for an Eye which was released 8 July 2013 through Rise Records.

Artist Tags For Like Moths to Flames

1) Metalcore 2) Post-Hardcore 3) Hardcore 4) Progressive Metalcore 5) Screamo

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Like Moths to Flames

1) You Won't Be Missed 2) Some Nights 3) GNF 4) The Worst In Me 5) Your Existence 6) Bury Your Pain 7) Real Talk 8) Faithless Living 9) No Hope 10) I Solemnly Swear 11) Something to Live For 12) Trophy Child 13) Nowhere Left To Sink 14) My Own Grave 15) Praise Feeder 16) You'll Burn 17) A Feast for Crows 18) The Common Misconception 19) In Dreams 20) Deathmarks 21) The Blackout 22) Learn Your Place 23) Dead Routine 24) Death Cup 25) New Plagues 26) Bloodsport 27) Serpent Herders 28) Thrown To The Wind 29) Nothing But Blood 30) My Own Personal Hell 31) Into the Ground 32) Empty The Same 33) Lord of Bones 34) No King 35) All That You Lost 36) Shapeshifter 37) Shallow Truths For Shallow Minds 38) Fighting Fire With Fire 39) Dark Divine 40) Even God Has A Hell 41) Smoke and Mirrors 42) From The Dust Returned 43) Wither 44) What's Done Is Done 45) Never Repent 46) The Art Of Losing 47) The Give And Take 48) History Repeats 49) Wasted Days 50) Into the Black

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