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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Lifeformed

Lifeformed is Terence Lee, game designer, web designer and composer. He wrote the music for the 2D platformer game Dustforce, developed by the indie studio Hitbox Team. The OST is named Fastfall and was released on 24 January 2012. He has also scored the music for the documentary about the creation of the upcoming crowdfunded adventure game of Double Fine Productions, which was released under the name of Immerse on 10 April 2014. Listen and purchase Fastfall and Immerse:

Artist Tags For Lifeformed

1) Chiptune 2) Idm 3) Electronic 4) Game Soundtrack 5) Video Game Music

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Lifeformed

1) Cider Time 2) Swimming While It Rains 3) 9-bit Expedition 4) The Magnetic Tree 5) Elvish Piper Academy 6) Frozen Hot Sauce 7) Fifty FPS Forest 8) It's Not Supposed to Be Snowing 9) Electric Relic 10) Pillars of Pepper 11) Upside Down Stalagmite 12) Baryogenesis 13) Undiscovery 14) A Safe Place to Sleep 15) Sepia Tone Laboratory 16) Light Pollution 17) Your Favorite Color 18) Dream Salvage 19) Introduction 20) Achievement Unlocked 21) Overthinker 22) Locked Boxes 23) A Coin Under Every Rock 24) Secret Grotto 25) Redwood Colonnade 26) Forgotten Tea 27) Ice Cider (Cider Time Variation) 28) Run, Don't Walk 29) Paper Pete 30) Sun Bleach 31) Magic in the Corner of Your Eye 32) Warm Cobblestone (Run, Don't Walk variation) 33) Four-Dimensional Radio 34) Fresh Graffiti 35) Island in the Trees 36) Drown in Thirst 37) Graydiance 38) Cobalt Blue 39) Brainstorm 40) Breadtime 41) You Can Always Come Home 42) Rain on Snow 43) Redwood Colonnade - Pre-release 44) Cherenkov Glow 45) Black Trees 46) Undiscovered Pair of Dice 47) Growing Dust Clouds 48) Iced Cider (Cider Time variation) 49) Neon Shore 50) Chloroplast Skin

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