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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Lauri

Lauri Johannes Ylönen (born 23 April 1979, Helsinki) is the frontman of the Finnish alternative rock band The Rasmus. Ylönen was born and grew up in Helsinki. He learned to play the piano when he was five years old, and later learned to play guitar and drums. When Ylönen was eight years old, he met Eero Heinonen (the bassist of The Rasmus) and they became close friends during the school year. Ylönen's older sister, Hanna, said that he should try to sing as well. He tried and decided to continue with that.

Artist Tags For Lauri

1) Finnish 2) Pop 3) Electropop 4) Electronic 5) Synth-Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Lauri

1) Heavy 2) In the City 3) Disco-nnect 4) Have a Little Mercy 5) You Don't Remember My Name 6) Hello 7) What Are You Waiting For? 8) Because of You 9) Got You On My Mind 10) New World 11) She's A Bomb - Radio Edit 12) My House - Radio Edit 13) What Are You Waiting For? (Allen Morgan Remix) 14) A New Day 15) She's A Bomb 16) Heavy (Alex Kunnari Remix) 17) In the City (Allen Morgan Remix) 18) What Are You Waiting For? (Album Version) 19) Heavy (Video Violence Remix) 20) Heavy - Alex Kunnari Remix 21) She's A Bomb - Original Mix 22) Disco-nnect (DJ Orkidea Remix) 23) What Are You Waiting For? - Allen Morgan Remix 24) Heavy (Heikki L Remix) 25) In the City (Alex Kunnari Remix) 26) Disco-nnect (Ilkka Hämäläinen Remix) 27) Disco-nnect (Orkidea Remix) 28) My House 29) In the City - Allen Morgan Remix 30) Heavy - Video Violence Remix 31) Disco-nnect - DJ Orkidea Remix 32) An Emigration - Original Mix 33) She's a Bomb (Radio Edit) 34) Disco-nnect - Ilkka Hämäläinen Remix 35) Heavy - Heikki L Remix 36) In the City - Alex Kunnari Remix 37) Heavy (Single Version) 38) Woodland Dream - Original Mix 39) Human Relations, 1: Acquaintance 40) Human Relations. 2: Conflict of Interest 41) Human Relations, 3: Attraction 42) You - Original Mix 43) Heavy [Y033465]1 44) Get Out of My Mind 45) Heavy [Y033622]1 46) Human Relations, 5: Routine 47) Human Relations, 4: Relief 48) Human Relations, 6: Domestic Solutions 49) Happy Moments of Self Delusion 50) Lauri - Heavy

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