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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Lany

LANY is a three-piece alternative band from Los Angeles, California. LANY formed in March 2014 when Paul Klein, who had a small solo career, flew to Nashville to meet up with Jake Goss and Les Priest. Previously, Goss and Priest had a separate project by the name of WRLDS, but this was discontinued after the formation of LANY. The following month they uploaded two songs, 'Hot Lights' and 'Walk Away', to SoundCloud incognito in order to differentiate between their old and new projects.

Artist Tags For Lany

1) Synthpop 2) Indie Pop 3) Electronic 4) Seen Live 5) Indie

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Lany

1) ILYSB 2) Super Far 3) Thru These Tears 4) ILYSB - STRIPPED 5) malibu nights 6) I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore 7) Thick And Thin 8) Good Girls 9) 13 10) Where The Hell Are My Friends 11) okay 12) pink skies 13) If You See Her 14) Walk Away 15) The Breakup 16) yea, babe, no way 17) Bad, Bad, Bad 18) Someone Else 19) 4EVER! 20) Made in Hollywood 21) ILYSB - Ferdinand Weber Edit 22) Hericane 23) It Was Love 24) current location 25) Dumb Stuff 26) Taking Me Back 27) Let Me Know 28) good guys 29) like you lots 30) Hurts 31) Flowers On The Floor 32) Valentine's Day 33) Run 34) Pancakes 35) quit 36) Youarefire 37) So, Soo Pretty 38) Overtime 39) Tampa 40) Sign Of The Times - Spotify Studios NYC 41) Purple Teeth 42) Parents 43) I Don't Care 44) BRB / Kiss 45) Super Far - Spotify Studios NYC 46) Bad, Bad, Bad (Matt DiMona Remix) 47) if this is the last time 48) ILYSB (Ferdinand Weber Remix) 49) Hot Lights 50) ILYSB (STRIPPED)

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