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Labyrinth Ear

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Labyrinth Ear

Labyrinth Ear are a UK electronic duo made up of Emily and Tom. Coming from different sides of London, they were brought together by mutual tastes in music, while each bringing their own set of influences. Emily’s folk-like lyrics invoke colourful, visual stories, while bringing together a wide range of musical influences, ranging from classic film scores, world music and vintage electronica. With songs that are both melancholic and euphoric, they combine samples with synths and psychedelic

Artist Tags For Labyrinth Ear

1) Synthpop 2) Electronic 3) Lo-Fi 4) Electronica 5) Night Time

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Labyrinth Ear

1) Navy Light 2) Humble Bones 3) Amber 4) Snow White 5) Lithium 6) Urchin 7) White Gold 8) Amethyst Days 9) Wild Flowers 10) Goya 11) Navy Light - 4am Mix 12) Lorna 13) Blue Apple 14) Droplets of Pearl 15) Burnished Bronze 16) Grey Dove 17) Dawns and Dusks 18) Crescent Moon 19) Marble Eyes 20) Walk on the Moon (Arthur Russell) 21) Opal 22) Humble Bones (Giraffage Remix) 23) Bitter Almonds 24) Wild Flower (9) 25) Navy Light (4am Mix) 26) Snow White (DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND) 27) Urchin - Cameo Pink Remix 28) Lorna - Kauf Remix 29) Amber | 30) Fabric Softener 31) Walk on the Moon (Arthur Russell Rework) 32) Amber (iO Remix) 33) Lorna (Kauf Remix) 34) Walk on the Moon (Arthur Russell Cover) 35) Walk on the Moon 36) Urchin (Cameo Pink Remix) 37) Amber | HD 38) Labyrinth Ear - Humble Bones 39) Snow White [video] 40) Amber (Dougie Evans Remix) 41) Snow White dreamtrak diamond sound remix 42) Navy Light (Oak EP) 43) Labyrinth Ear - Amber 44) N477Y L1GH7 (Nattymari Mix) 45) Snow White (DREAMTRAK Remix) 46) Apparitions 47) This Is How We Walk On The Moon 48) Amber (After We Jump Remix) 49) White Gold [video] 50) Lorna (feat. Kauf)

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