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Kostas Pavlidis

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Kostas Pavlidis

Kostas Pavlidis was born in Athens on November 4th 1974 and has been singing since he was a child. His first official appearance was at the age of twelve at a small gig in his hometown. He began singing to earn his living within the Romani (Gypsy) community of Greece. One of his teachers in primary school introduced him to the director Menelaos Karamagiolis, who was about to release the film “Rom”. He met Nikos Kipurgos who was the composing the soundtrack.

Artist Tags For Kostas Pavlidis

1) Greek 2) Gypsy 3) World 4) Greece 5) Variationen

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Kostas Pavlidis

1) Jastar Amenge Dur 2) The Rom Of The Fire 3) Caravan (Kipourgos / Dagdelenis) 4) Jastar Amenge Dur (Traditional) 5) The Glass (Apergis) 6) Good Luck (Kaldaras) 7) Partridge-Breasted Gypsy Woman 8) Good Luck 9) Rom (Kipourgos) 10) Arabesk (Apergis) 11) The ROM of the Wind 12) Prophecy (Tabouris / Palamas) 13) Rom & Balamo (Boulgourtzis) 14) Ederlezi - Kostas Pavlidis (Ferdi Alpagu Remix) 15) The Rom Of The Land 16) Spread Your Wings and Fly 17) Ederlezi 4 18) Arabesk 19) Fire 20) The Glass 21) I Am The Gypsy, The One Who Tames (Tabouris / Palamas) 22) My Little Sea 23) Apology 24) To Potiri (The Glass) 25) Forgiveness 26) Your Childish Love 27) Your First Love 28) The Rose's Leaves 29) Armenistis 30) Spurious Life 31) Thalasini (Seafaring Woman) 32) I Am the Gypsy, the One Who Tames 33) The Coast 34) Forth Wings & Fly 35) Chubby Spring 36) Sar Penen 37) Return 38) Ederlezi 39) The Seashore 40) Armenistis (Instrumental) 41) False Life 42) The Kiln 43) Rosebuds Leaves 44) Monacha Na Se Kito (Just To Look At You) 45) Fake Life 46) Pia Gi Ke Pia Patrida (Which Land, Which Homeland) 47) Kostas Pavlidis / Jastar 48) Furnace 49) Pios Theos (Kolymi) / (Which God (Kolymi)) 50) Thelis Na Pethano? (Do You Want Me To Die?)

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Kostas Pavlidis

1) The Rom Of Fire, Vol. 1: The Wandering 2) Songs of Greece's Gypsies 3) Ederlezi - Kostas Pavlidis (Ferdi Alpagu Remix) 4) Sar Penen 5) Vgale Ftera Kai Peta- Spread Your Wings And Fly 6) Forth Wings and Fly 7) Forth Wings & Fly (Music & Words By Antonis Apergis) 8) Kostas Pavlidis - Wardering 9) The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Gypsies 10) Ederlezi x Four: A Compilation of Goran Bregovic Compositions 11) Ederlezi X Four 12) Music of the Gypsies 13) (null) 14) Songs of a Greek Gypsy 15) Complete Guide to Gypsy Music 16) Gypsy Garden CD 1: Flying Rromani 17) Best of Greek (by Tommy) 18) 1999 - The Rough Guide to The Music of The Gypsies 19) Gypsy Garden 20) Ethnic Moments 21) ROUGH GUIDE TO THE MUSIC OF THE GYPSIES 22) Make Music Not War: Kalasnikov & Kalashnikov (A Compilation of Goran Bregovic Compositions) 23) The Wandering 24) Rough guide to Gypsy music 25) Gypsies Of Greece Vol.2 26) From Aphrodite To Buddha 27) Kostas Pavlidis - Forth Wings & Fly 28) Music of the Gypsies (Rough Guide) 29) O Dodekalogos Tou Gyftou/The Dodecalogue of a Gypsy (Digitally Remasterd) 30) The Dodecalogue of a Gypsy (Digitally Remasterd) 31) fizy 32) Gypsy Garden - Flying Romani (CD 2) 33) Make Music Not War: Kalasnikov & Kalashnikov 34) Forth Wings & Fly 35) Turkboardmusic World & Ethnic Hits Vol.2 36) Oriental Garden, Vol. 2 Disc 1 37) Rough Guide To Music Of The Gypsies 38) You've Heard it All! Now This Is Greek Latin 39) Karavi Kardia 40) Complete Guide to the Greatest Composers 41) The Spirit of Amphipolis Tomb 42) Gypsy Music [Disc 2] 43) Oriental Garden Vol.1 44) ROM of Fire: The Wandering 45) The Rough Guide to the Music of Balkan Gypsies 46) O Dodekalogos Tou Giftou - The Gypsy's Twelve Considerations (Music By Petros Tabouris) 47) Complete Guide to Goran Bregovic 48) Naxos Groove 49) Tragoudia Ke Inopnevma 50) Vgale Ftera Kai Peta

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