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Kirsti Huke

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Kirsti Huke

Kirsti Huke has become a household name in the Norwegian jazz scene. Her voice has been described as a honey jar and a powerhouse both apt descriptions of this gifted singer´s playful and rooted approach to jazz standards as well as pop and rock songs in a quartet setting. The Norwegian music press has remarked upon her ability to make the audience feel that what she sings matters to her (Trygve Lundemo, Adresseavisen). Her quartet features Steinar Raknes, perhaps Norway´s premier bass player of his generation.

Artist Tags For Kirsti Huke

1) Jazz 2) Vocal Jazz 3) Norwegian 4) Norway 5) Scandinavian Jazz

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Kirsti Huke

1) Wish you were here 2) Not dark yet 3) Old Country 4) Boarders of Canada 5) Caravan 6) Maria 7) Everytime we say goodbye 8) Me! Come! My dazzled face 9) I will wait for you 10) Don't worry 'bout me 11) In the wee small hours of the morning 12) someone to watch over me 13) Home in my heart 14) My man's gone now 15) Song of Gold 16) Closer 17) Poor Tom 18) Magnetic City 19) I believe 20) Guardian and Tramp 21) The Day Before You Came 22) God Only Knows 23) Riverman 24) Into My Arms 25) Lonely 26) All Tomorrow's Parties 27) Teardrop 28) Don´t Worry ´bout Me 29) Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover) 30) Trondervise 31) Floating 32) Ocean 33) Scent of Soil 34) Necklaces 35) My Man´s Gone Now 36) Ease 37) Bin 38) Breeze 39) Don't Worry Bout Me 40) Go Charm! 41) Old Contry 42) 05. Caravan 43) In the Wee Small Hours of theMorning 44) 10. Someone to Watch Over Me 45) Dont worry 'bout me 46) My Man`s Gone Now 47) SomeoneTo Watch Over Me 48) Whish You Were Here 49) The Old Country 50) The Cricket Sang

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