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Kate Boy

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Kate Boy

Kate Boy is a synthpop band formed in 2011 and based in Stockholm, Sweden. The band consists of Australian singer-songwriter Kate Akhurst and Swedish writing/production team Rocket Boy (Hampus Nordgren Hemlin, Oskar Sikow Engström, and Markus Dextegen). They created Kate Boy as a fictional fifth member that reflects their egalitarian songwriting process. So far, they are known for the songs "Northern Lights", "In Your Eyes", "The Way We Are". Kate Boy released their debut EP Northern Lights on 22 January 2013.

Artist Tags For Kate Boy

1) Synthpop 2) Electronic 3) Seen Live 4) Swedish 5) Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Kate Boy

1) Northern Lights 2) The Way We Are 3) Self Control 4) In Your Eyes 5) Midnight Sun 6) Open Fire 7) Higher 8) Northern Lights (Taken By Trees x Belief Remix) 9) Lion For Real 10) Northern Lights (Superhumanoids Remix) 11) Human Engine 12) Burn 13) When I Was young 14) A Girl Like You 15) In Your Eyes - Bonus Track 16) Run as One 17) Temporary Gold - Bonus Track 18) Dopamin 19) True Colours 20) Giants 21) Higher - Slow Magic Remix 22) Open Fire - Planningtorock Remix 23) Midnight Sun - Clarence Clarity Remix 24) Open Fire - La Fleur Remix 25) In Your Eyes (Bonus Track) 26) Temporary Gold 27) Temporary Gold (Bonus Track) 28) Self Control - Christian Rich Remix 29) Self Control - Kash Kardimian Remix 30) Northern Lights - Taken By Trees x Belief Remix 31) Northern Lights (Houses Remix) 32) Northern Lights - Superhumanoids Remix 33) Open Fire (Planningtorock Remix) 34) The Way We Are (Bixel Boys Remix) 35) When I Was Young - Daneeka Mix 36) Higher (Album Version) 37) Self Control (Album Version) 38) In Your Eyes (Album Version) 39) Self Control (Kash Kardimian Remix) 40) Open Fire (La Fleur Remix) 41) Self Control (Christian Rich Remix) 42) Higher (Slow Magic Remix) 43) Midnight Sun (Clarence Clarity Remix) 44) Higher (Slow Magic Remix) (Japan Bonus Track) 45) Midnight Sun (Lao Remix) 46) Midnight Sun - Single Version 47) Self Control (Live Studio Version) 48) Self Control (Kash Kardimian Remix) (Japan Bonus Track) 49) Open Fire (La Fleur Remix) (Japan Bonus Track) 50) Northern Lights (OST Watch Dogs 2)

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