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Junior comes from a strong and rich background in music. With brothers, cousins, and uncles involved in music, both professionally & recreationally, it provides several avenues of inspiration for Maile to draw from. Junior’s maternal roots stem from American Samoa, while his patriarchal side originates from the friendly islands of Tonga. These tropical islands are world renowned for the strength of their paradisiacal voices. Junior’s unique vocal style is a product of that power and beauty from his polynesian heritage, enhanced by a soulful R&B feel that was definitely influenced by his upbringing ‘down south’. Junior started singing at church back in St. Petersburg, FL at age 5. He spent the first 13 yrs of his life in the sunshine state singing at various family, school, and church functions. In 1995, Maile moved to Utah and really started to develop his musical gift. Being uprooted and thrown into a whole new environment, his only siblings away at college, Junior turned to music to be his outlet. And oh, what an outlet it was… This is when the riffs were perfected, the notes were fine tuned, and the singer/songwriter we all know and love was born. Junior acquired his ability to take any life experience, sit down, and write a song! On top of that, toss in the fact that he learned to deliver his lyrics with a velvety smooth style…Amazing! He wrote several, original, unreleased songs during that period. The timeless hits, “On This Day,” & “The Voice,” were two of those composed back before he was even 17 yrs old! By 19 yrs of age, Junior had released a top selling cd in Hawaii and continued to make phenomenal advances in music. He recorded with the likes of Fiji, Kapena, & (bass guitarist)Freddie Washington to name a few. He performed with popular artists like Justin, Norm, Pati, and more! With all that success at such a young age, what more can we expect from Junior Maile? How about an ‘uprising’ from the brief absence of ‘the voice’ we’ve grown to love and respect? That same voice that has rocked parties all over the western United States and serenaded couples from Orlando to Laie. That’s right, Junior returns as a 23 yr old young man armed with that much more experience and that much more flavor!

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