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Junior Kimbrough

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Junior Kimbrough

David "Junior" Kimbrough (Hudsonville, Mississippi, July 28, 1930 - Holly Springs, Mississippi, January 17, 1998) was an American blues musician most notable for his recorded output in the 1990s for the Fat Possum Records label. His style of modern electric blues was marked by its hypnotic modal guitar rhythms, backwoods singing style and nocturnal lyrics. He was a long-time associate of labelmate R.L. Burnside and the Burnside and Kimbrough families often collaborated on musical projects.

Artist Tags For Junior Kimbrough

1) Blues 2) Delta Blues 3) Singer-Songwriter 4) Fat Possum 5) Roots

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Junior Kimbrough

1) Meet Me in the City 2) All Night Long 3) Release Me 4) Done Got Old 5) Most Things Haven't Worked Out 6) Nobody But You 7) You Better Run 8) Old Black Mattie 9) Keep On Braggin' 10) I'm Leaving You Baby 11) You're Gonna Find Your Mistake 12) I Gotta Try You Girl 13) Tramp 14) I Cried Last Night 15) Sad Days Lonely Nights 16) Lonesome Road 17) I'm In Love 18) Lonesome In My Home 19) Sad Days, Lonely Nights 20) I Feel Alright 21) Everywhere I Go 22) Burn In Hell 23) Lord, Have Mercy On Me 24) Work Me Baby 25) Leave Her Alone 26) Do The Romp 27) I'm In Love With You 28) How Do You Feel 29) Pull Your Clothes Off 30) My Mind Is Rambling 31) Leaving In The Morning 32) Crawling King Snake 33) Stay All Night 34) Feels So Good #1 35) All Night Long (Instrumental) 36) Feels So Good #2 37) I Love Ya Baby 38) Junior's Place 39) I'm Gonna Have To Leave Here 40) Slow Lightning 41) I'm Leaving 42) Feels So Bad 43) Baby Please Don't Leave Me 44) Keep Your Hands off Her 45) Nobody But You (Live) 46) I Feel Good, Little Girl 47) Come on and Go With Me 48) I'm So Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always) 49) Please Don't Leave Me, Baby 50) Nobody But You Baby

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Junior Kimbrough

1) Meet Me in the City 2) You Better Run: The Essential Junior Kimbrough 3) All Night Long 4) God Knows I Tried 5) Sad Days, Lonely Nights 6) Most Things Haven't Worked Out 7) You Better Run 8) First Recordings 9) (null) 10) Do The Rump! 11) Root Damage 12) Brotherhood 13) Do the Rump 14) Sad Days Lonely Nights 15) You Better Run-The Essential Junior Kimbrough 16) The Best of Fat Possum: The Early Years 17) The Black Keys: Brotherhood 18) Oxford American 2006 Sampler 19) The Rough Guide to Delta Blues 20) Let's Move - A Heavy Blues Collection 21) MOJO Presents The Black Keys And Friends 22) Not the Same Old Blues Crap 23) Most Things Haven't Worked Out 24) Mojo presents Brotherhood 25) The Black Keys And Friends 26) Not The Same Old Blues Crap, Vol. 2 27) You Better Run -The Essential Junior Kimbrough 28) Deep South Blues 29) Rough Guide To The Delta Blues 30) You Better Run. The Essential Junior Kimbrough 31) National Downhome Blues Festival, Vol. 1 32) Sunday Nights - The Songs of Junior Kimbrough 33) Not the Same Old Blues Crap II 34) Deep Blues 35) Darker Blues 36) Giants of Country Blues Guitar Vol. 3 37) Let's Move: A Heavy Blues Collection 38) Fat Possum - Not The Same Old Blues Crap 39) First Recordings - EP 40) Sunday Nights: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough 41) Essential Blues, Vol. 3 42) Focus: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 43) Not The Same Old Blues Crap 2 44) Rough Guide to Delta Blues 45) Junior Kimbrough 46) Chillout-Blues für den Feierabend 47) Beginners Guide To Blues 48) Big Bad Love: Original Soundtrack 49) All Men are Liars 50) New Beats from the Delta

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