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Jonas Hellborg

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Jonas Hellborg

Jonas Hellborg (born June 7, 1958) is a Swedish bass guitarist. He has collaborated with John McLaughlin, Bill Laswell, Shawn Lane, Jens Johansson, Michael Shrieve, V. Selvaganesh, Mattias IA Eklundh and Buckethead. He began his music career in 1976 in Sweden touring with local Rock Acts. In 1979, he was spotted by percussionist Reebop Kwaku Baah in a small club in Stockholm. He moved to London for a year to work with Reebop on different projects.

Artist Tags For Jonas Hellborg

1) Jazz 2) Bass 3) Fusion 4) Instrumental 5) Contemporary Jazz

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Jonas Hellborg

1) Rice with the Angels 2) Heretics 3) Time Is The Enemy 4) Serpents and Pigs 5) War Games 6) Personae 7) Layla Attar 8) Death That Sleeps In Them 9) Abstract Logic 10) Plastic Puja 11) Muthucutpor 12) Rana And Fara 13) Who Would You Like To Be? 14) Wounded Knee 15) Child King 16) Manirambha 17) The Past Is A Different Country, I Don't Live There Anymore 18) Aga Of The Ladies 19) Kidogo 20) Nataraja 21) Solitude 22) Savitri 23) Wherever You Walk 24) Movers And Shakers 25) Put The Shoe On The Other Foot 26) Round Metal Hat 27) Art Metal 28) Uma Haimavati 29) Blues For LW 30) Throwing Elephant and Wrestling 31) Vyakhan-kar 32) Anchor 33) Leal Souvenir 34) The Kings Letter 35) The Three Princes of Serendip 36) Space Time Continuum 37) Kali's Son 38) Barua A Soldani 39) Hell is Other People 40) Roman 41) Kalighat 42) Shri Shri Vikkuji 43) Mirror 44) Brightness 45) Don't Look Back 46) Bhakti Ras 47) Pluie de Etincelles 48) Black Market 49) 1st Movement 50) Escape

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