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Johnny Foreigner

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner is an indie rock band from Digbeth in Birmingham, England. As of 2012, the band consists of guitarists Alexei Berrow and Lewes Herriot, drummer Junior Elvis Washington Laidley and bassist Kelly Southern. Before forming the band in December 2005, Alexei played in an act called Panda Love Unit. Kelly, who joined Johnny Foreigner some time later, had previously played with Twist and Baxxter, playing drums for the latter. Panda Love Unit formed in Winter 2001 and split in Summer 2004.

Artist Tags For Johnny Foreigner

1) Indie Rock 2) Seen Live 3) Indie 4) British 5) Alternative

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Johnny Foreigner

1) Eyes Wide Terrified 2) Lea Room 3) Yes! You Talk Too Fast 4) Our Bipolar Friends 5) The End and Everything After 6) Cranes and Cranes and Cranes and Cranes 7) Hennings Favourite 8) Salt, Peppa and Spinderella 9) Yr All Just Jealous 10) Sometimes, in the Bullring 11) DJ's Get Doubts 12) Absolute Balance 13) Champagne Girls I Have Known 14) Criminals 15) Feels Like Summer 16) Choose Yr Side And Shut Up! 17) Dark Harbourzz 18) The Hidden Song At The End Of The Record 19) Ghost The Festivals 20) Security To The Promenade 21) Sofacore 22) I'llchoosemysideandshutup, Alright 23) More Heart, Less Tongue 24) Every Cloakroom Ever 25) Custom Scenes And The Parties That Make Them 26) Kingston Called, They Want Their Lost Youth Back 27) (Graces) 28) DJs Get Doubts 29) He Awoke On A Beach In Aberystwyth 30) More Tongue, Less Heart 31) Salt, Pepa and Spinderella 32) Salt, Pepper And Spindarella 33) The Coast Was Always Clear 34) Suicide Pact, Yeh? 35) 200x 36) This Band Is Killing Us 37) Le Sigh 38) What Drummers Get 39) If I'm the Most Famous Boy You've Fucked, Then Honey, Yr in Trouble 40) Hulk Hoegaarden, Gin Kinsella, David Duvodkany, Etc. 41) Johnny Foreigner vs You 42) Electricity vs the Dead 43) Concret1 44) With Who, Who and What I've Got - Standard Rock 45) Supermorning 46) (Don't) Show Us Your Fangs 47) Shipping 48) Jess, You Got Yr Song, So Leave 49) You vs Everything 50) New Street, You Can Take It

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Johnny Foreigner

1) Waited Up Til It Was Light 2) Arcs Across The City 3) Grace And The Bigger Picture 4) Waited Up 'Til It Was Light 5) Johnny Foreigner vs Everything 6) You Can Do Better 7) undefined 8) Salt, Peppa And Spinderella 9) Certain Songs Are Cursed 10) You Thought You Saw a Shooting Star But Yr Eyes Were Blurred With Tears and That Lighthouse Can Be Pretty Deceiving With the Sky So Clear and Sea So Calm 11) Johnny Foreigner vs Everything (Double 12'' Vynile Extended Version) 12) Mono No Aware 13) Indie/Rock Playlist: January (2009) 14) Criminals 15) Every Day Is A Constant Battle 16) Indie/Rock Playlist: September (2008) 17) Indie/Rock Playlist: October (2008) 18) Feels Like Summer 19) Indie/Rock Playlist: June (2008) 20) Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist: October (2009) 21) Our Bipolar Friends 22) Eyes Wide Terrified 23) DJ's Get Doubts/Lea Room 24) Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist: December (2009) 25) Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist: Best of 09 26) You vs Everything 27) (null) 28) Indie/Rock Playlist: June (2011) 29) There When You Need It 30) KEXP Song of the Day 31) Johnny Foreigner Vs. Everything 32) SXSW 2008 Showcasing Artists 33) We Left You Sleeping And Gone Now 34) Names EP 35) Single 36) South Africa 37) Worse Things Happen at Sea: A Johnny Foreigner Mixtape 38) Remix EP 39) Flooding 40) Don't Show Us Yr Fangs / the Hand That Slaps You Back 41) Three Track EP 42) The X and the O EP 43) You Thought You Saw a Shooting Star But Yr Eyes Were Blurred 44) BIRP! Community Playlist: Vol. 1 45) Names 46) I Like You Mostly Late At Never 47) Demos 4/21/2007 48) Samy's Indie Rock Playlist Spring 2009 49) Tru Punx/ Not Even Giles Would Say We'll Be Ok 7' Love In 50) Samy's Indie Rock Playlist Summer 2009

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