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John Bond

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For John Bond

The John Bond Xperience is musical gumbo from the soul. It has a little of everything to satisfy your listening palate. It's music that will grow on you so listen up. Germantown, MD, Casanova Records recording artist, producer and original Lost Factor member, JOHN BOND, released a brand new solo album in February, entitled "The John Bond Xperience". The album will feature guest appearances from TROY ANTHONY, DMV FLIP, ANGEL, BAROCKA, VENEM, and more.

Artist Tags For John Bond

1) DMV 2) Hip Hop/Rap 3) JBx 4) John Bond 5) Barocka

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For John Bond

1) 100 Miles and Runnin’ (Instrumental Version) 2) Knock Em Out The Box 3) Welcome 4) Reniassance 5) Soul Flo 6) Change 7) Lust 8) Renaissance 9) The Energy 10) Bump You 11) Flexxx 12) The Reign 13) Gotta Get It 14) 100 Miles and Runnin’ 15) Jessicas Song 16) The Rock and The Son Trinity 17) TVC 18) Emmajuean 19) The Energy (Instrumental Version) 20) Lust (Instrumental Version) 21) Gotta Get It Short Version 22) The Rock & The Son Trinity 23) Dont Look Back 24) Borders Are Closed 25) 100 Miles & Runnin' 26) Knock Em Out The Box (Instrumental Version) 27) The Reign Remix 28) 100 Miles and Runnin' 29) Flexxx (Instrumental Version) 30) Change (Instrumental Version) 31) Gotta Get It (Instrumental) 32) The Rock and The Son Trinity (Instrumental Version) 33) Welcome (Instrumental Version) 34) The Renaissance (Instrumental Version) 35) Soul Flo (Instrumental Version) 36) Bump You (Instrumental Version) 37) Wow Mamma Woe 38) Funky New York 39) The Reign (Instrumental Version) 40) Stop It Now 41) Ec Welcome To Columbus Town 42) Passion 43) Change (DJ Double XL Mix) 44) Renaissance (edited version) 45) Clouds Thunder Heart 46) Clouds Thunderheart 47) Marriage Overload 48) Jessica's Song 49) Wow Mama Woe 50) Gotta Get It (DJ Double XL Mix)

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