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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Issue

Issue is Droop-E's brother. He is part of the Sick Wid It records family founded by Bay Area rapper, E-40. He performs a style of experimental, surrealist raps heavily influenced by electronic soundscapes. It's a semi post-Based, generation Z approach to rap as an amalgamation of genres.

Artist Tags For Issue

1) Based 2) Bay Area 3) Hip-Hop 4) Experimental 5) Techno

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Issue

1) WWE Kane Theme 2) Everytime 3) Ten Monks 4) Ferrari 5) Ten Monks (prod. by Supreme Cuts) 6) I Made It (prod. by Lil Ocean) 7) Let Me Do My Thing (prod. by ISSUE) 8) Mask On The Moon (prod. by Lil Ocean) 9) Livin On A Dream (prod. by William Sneddon) 10) Very Rare (prod. by Tynethys) 11) Look Into My Mind (prod. by CAPREA$ON) 12) I'm In Europe (prod. by Bad Channels) 13) Ball (prod. by Jonathan Lowell) 14) Imported From Italia [Prod. By Avispado] 15) Seeing Diamonds (prod. by Inner) 16) One Day (Overseas) [Prod. By Herve] 17) Rain Of Gold (Chief's Statement) [Prod. By Giorgio Momurda] 18) Trail Of Tears (Our Land) [Prod. By Ryan Hemsworth] 19) Rare (I'm Flying) [Prod. By SupremeAC] 20) Jeremy Clarkson (Tell Like It Is) [Prod. By Schwarz] 21) everytime (sam-g remix) 22) SNAKES (Y'all) [Prod. By Feadz] 23) Another Zone (Freestyle Part 1) 24) Gold & Cheese [Prod. By ISSUE] 25) Everytime (Original Edit) 26) Over Y'all, Over All, Overall 27) 02. Touch The Clouds (The Chief's Story) 28) Drive With A Boss 29) Everything (Short Edit) 30) Everything (Sam G´s Original R 31) Smoke Tires (The Burnout) 32) Over The Mountain 33) Green Lantern Headlights 34) Skies 7 (41 Percent) 35) E3 36) 07. Sippin On That Viper Tea 37) 03. 73 Dimensions (1973) 38) My Girlfriend (Charger Love) [Prod. By Lali Puna] 39) Intro (prod. by James Pants) 40) Over Y'all, Over All, Overall [Prod. By Boards Of Canada] 41) SOLO Part 1 42) 04. Got My License 43) Money Part 1 44) 09. Alex Smith (The 49er's Anthem) 45) My Girlfriend (Charger Love) 46) Spit Mask 47) Windows Down 48) 01. I Heard @_ISSUE 49) Don't Trip (prod. by OSØ) 50) Take My Hand

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